Jerry McGhoulBerry



Jerry with his trademark sunglasses.

Original Mod





Ghoul-like reanimated corpse

First Appearance

Big Baby Fiver - Part 1

Last Appearance

New Vegas Montages: Farewell New Vegas


AlChestBreach (Creator)
Gully (Inbred cousin)
Frank GreenFist (Distant cousin)
Kent Wernher (Distant cousin)
Geri (Brother)





Main Companions

Jerry McGhoulBerry is a reanimated corpse that is a follower of AlChestBreach and one of his main companions.


Jerry first appeared in the video Fallout New Vegas Mods: Big Baby Fiver - Part 1 . Big Baby Fiver - Part 1 As the title implies, the series of videos reviewed 5 different mods. One of them was Buildable Bots, which gave users the ability to create different robots in-game. It also had a machine that gave life to the dead via dismembered limbs, torsos, and heads.

As AlChestBreach was heading into the Buildable Bots building, he encountered a Goodsprings Settler whom he called Joseph Chikanses. After Joseph (expectedly) didn't talk about the Buildable Bots mod, instead talking about events that happened in the game, ("You hear there was some kind of shoot-out at one of them casinos on the Strip? Some people got killed or something"), Al swore that he would come back for him. Just as he had said, he later returned; sneaking up on Joe and striking him with a knife, dismembering his limbs. He took Joe's body parts and brought his parts back to life, and gave him Authority Glasses, which were previously iconic to Al's Courier character.

However, Al could not figure out a name for the new creature, so he created a fan contest to name the new creature. The name with the most "thumbs up" in the comments section for the video would become the new name for the character. In the meantime, he just called the corpse "R-C."


Jerry has appeared in nearly every video after his debut. He has proved to be a useful companion; sometimes even more so than Mister Cuddlesworth and Steve because, unlike them, he can wear clothing and armor, allowing Al to showcase more modded armor than usual if he has to review multiple armor mods. Jerry has also been responsible for controlling the slideshow to reveal a list of people who suggested a certain mod before the list was retired. Jerry also appears in Al's newer Fallout 3 mod reviews. 

It was revealed in Fallout New Vegas Mods: The Most Dangerous Game - Part 1 , that the winning name was Jerry McGhoulBerry. When the game crashes he forgets to put Jerry's name back. Some viewers ask him how to name in the console. Al demonstrates every time he forgets to name Jerry.

Jerry, along with the rest of Al's main companions, makes his last official montage appearance in New Vegas Montages: Farewell New Vegas. He is first seen alongside Al as the groups heads out for a Chicken Finger Fiesta at the Atomic Wrangler. The gang soon realize they are trapped in the establishment, with explosive bombs ready to go off any minute. He escapes with everyone else when Ballarms shoots lasers into the floor, allowing them to fall into the sewers. Once in the sewers, an Al clone appears and begins decimating the civilians in the area, forcing Al and his gang to take cover while they figure out an attack plan.

As they ultimately have no weapons, they run for the surface, where they wind up right in the middle of a Business Radroach attack on Freeside. Al decides to take Steve and Jerry with him into the Strip to counter a vertibird approaching and tells the rest of his gang to hold the line, leaving them behind for the time being. When they reach the top, it is revealed that Mr. House's screen face has been replaced by that of a clone created by the Radios and the Business Radroaches named Cunty McLean, who tells Al that they plan to take over the strip through an army they created. He is knocked out when poisonous gas enters the room. He is soon rescued along with the rest of the companions and the groups manages to escape from the bunker, heading to their base in Goodsprings.

When they arrive in Goodsprings, a bomb is dropped, decimating the town and increasing the radiation to extreme levels. Because of this, Al sends Jerry, Steve, and Cuddlesworth into the radiation to try and reach their secret bunker, telling them that if they don't come back, he loves them. The trio ventures into the radiation-filled environment, finding Al's hideout among a pile of rubble. Before they have a chance to enter the base, clones of Al appear and soon overtake the group, moving on to attack Al once the trio is subdued. He, alongside the other captured companions, appear at the end of montage, having been brainwashed by the Radios and working for Crier Breach.

He follows Crier Breach as his mind-controlled companion until New Vegas Mods: Exterminators II - Part 4 - Down With Radios, where he and Steve are rescued by Ronald Dillinger.

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