This page is about an Alien named Jeffery. For the Bighorner, go to the Jeffrey page.


Jeffrey was, as implied, an alien that appears that Al befriends in Fallout New Vegas Mods: Meth Cooking Alien Hunter - Part 2.


Al first meets Jeffrey while exploring his alien base located "secretly" in the Mojave. He asks Jeffrey for a tour of the facility, as Al couldn't find anything interesting in the building. He agrees to escort him around although soon backs out of his agreement and walks away. After exploring the base and finding absolutely nothing, Al went on an onslaught to kill 50 aliens to complete a challenge he was given. Jeffrey was one of the aliens he killed, although the other aliens didn't seem to care about his death.


  • Jeffrey, along with the other aliens in the building, were supposed to be hostile towards Al, but the mod author didn't set them as enemies.
  • Jeffrey's unnamed sister was the first alien Al murdered to complete the assignment.
  • He was kind of a douchebag.

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