Jeanette Langley
Jeanette in The Sims 4.


EP 11 -



Jeanette Langley is a pre-made sim in the game Sims 4. She is trapped in the Clone Vault Household, as a subject of amusement for Al. She makes her first appearance in Sims 4 - Clone Vault - Part 11.


Her first appearance is in episode 11, where she randomly wanders onto the Clone Vault lot. Al has the Bobby's introduce themselves to her and makes her witness the death of Johnny Depp Bobby, to which she cries to. After wandering downstairs after the death of a Bobby, Al decides to remove the staircase and keep her in the basement as one of the residents.

In episode 12, she participates in the actual challenge or making cheeseburgers. Even though she's not part of the household, she is the first one to cook cheeseburgers and earn bonus points for setting the grill on fire, although the fire was quickly extinguished. She also earns the "Bobby seal of approval". Later, she falls asleep naked.

In episode 13, she may have made part of the kitchen explode. She seemed uninterested when Chains Bobby died.

In episode 14, she escapes from the house after Al puts in a staircase. Unable to stop her from leaving, he grabs someone else, Beth Smith, and traps her instead.


  • She doesn't know how to sleep in beds, she only knows how to nap.
  • She apparently doesn't want to get married.
  • Al has asked for his viewers to send in challenges for the Bobby's to do that involve Jeanette.

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