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Jason Voorhees
Jason Voorhees in Fallout: New Vegas.

Original Mod

Jason Voorhees





First Appearance

Mojave Express - Part 1


Pamela Voorhees (Mother)


AlChestBreach (Character)





Jason Voorhees is a well-known serial killer and immortal being. He was modded into the game Fallout: New Vegas and serves as an unbeatable enemy. In Al's case, he stalks him throughout the game, often killing everyone and everything in sight when he shows up. He makes his first appearance in Al's mod reviews during New Vegas Mods: Mojave Express - Part 2.


He first appears in front of Al when he exits the Mojave Express building while undergoing a quest. He immediately attacks Al, although he and his companions knock him out and then run away. Even though Al escapes for the time being, Jason teleports next to him when he least expects later. Al leaves his companions to die while he scurries away.

He then invades Nipton and kills several civilians while there, although Al and his gang attack him until he blacks out and loses them. His final attack occurs at the actual Mojave Express building, when he kills all of the employees and begins chasing Al again. Al ends the episode still on the run from Jason.

Appearances Edit

Jason doesn't make another appearance until New Vegas Mod: Ship of the Damned, where he assaults Al and his gang aboard the abandon ship. He engages Captain Ballarms in battle several times, winning each fight and getting closer and closer to Al. Al manages to evade him by running through each room on the ship, effectively escaping Jason. Jason will most likely appear again, still wanting to kill Al.

Jason makes another appearance in New Vegas Spooktacular - Haunted Vault - 2, where he attacks the group and manages to cut off A.J.'s leg, killing him. Al then sends him to the Rave Club.

He appears again in another video during the Spooktacular series in New Vegas: Spooktacular - Bucket Hunt!. Here, he massacres Al's followers while Al searches around Goodsprings for buckets of candy. It is unknown what happened to him after Al's hunt concluded.

Trivia Edit

  • He cannot be killed, only knocked unconscious.
  • It is unknown why Jason is so obsessed with killing Al.
  • Al forgot to turn off the Jason Voorhees mod while exploring the Ship of the Damned.
  • He makes a small appearance in one of the wasteland defense videos, this was actually his first appearance but Al did not properly review him so it is more accepted that his first showing was in Mojave Express.

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