This page is about the Deathclaw named Jason. For other characters named Jason, go to the Jason Voorhees page.

In the Enclave Vertibird

Original Mod

Buried Fortunes





First Appearance

New Vegas Mods: Buried Fortunes - Part 2

Last Appearance

New Vegas Mods: Buried Fortunes - Part 2


AlChestBreach (Adoptive uncle)
The Great Cuddles of Worthington (Ancestor)
Charley (Cousin, deceased)
Mister Cuddlesworth (Cousin)





Jason is Mister Cuddlesworth's cousin.

Origin Edit

His to-be descendants were being transported as eggs in Enclave Vertibird Y-228 when they crashed and the crew fled. The eggs hatched and made a nest in a place soon to be known as Deathclaw Promontory. Jason is one of their descendants, and possibly Cuddlesworth's.

Appearances Edit

He only appears in New Vegas Mods Buried Fortunes - Part 2 as an Wild Wasteland Easter egg.

Al was tasked with collecting various vertibird keycards and went to the nest to retrieve one. He massacred all of the Deathclaws outside the vertibird and then saw Jason when he came inside. He was surprised at first but then realized he was Cuddlesworths' cousin. After he retrieved the keycard he returned to Mr.Crowshaw, his employer and on the way, sang a song about Jason.

Trivia Edit


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