Jami Sheehan
Jami "the Death Bear" Sheehan in costume


EP 46 -



Jami "the Death Bear" Sheehan is an adult sim living in Granite Falls, who appeared in episodes 46 to 48 in the Duggarts Sims 4 series. She is a local resident of the park and was a recurring character during the family's short stay at Granite Falls.


Jami is first seen in episode 46 at the Granite Falls forest chatting with the local park ranger, Cason Harlow. After which, she introduces herself to Mckinley and the two have a rough start, annoying Mckinley, although they end up hanging out with each other. She then immediately abandons Mckinley.

She is later seen having an argument with Cason at the campgrounds on the subject of tourists encroaching on her home. The argument then took a serious turn when Cason started snubbing her and she threatened to maul him later that night. The argument ends when Cason walks away and threatens to shoot Jami if things were to get violent.

For the rest of episodes 47-48 she is seen stalking around the campgrounds.


  • During her argument with Cason Harlow, she self-styled herself as "the Death Bear".
  • When seeing her for the first time, Al was disturbed by her lifeless dead-eyes.
  • In episode 48 when hanging out at one of the cabins, Jami revealed that she wasn't in fact a bear when she took off her costume. This angers Mckinley, prompting her to leave.
  • The name Granite Falls, Jami's home, is possibly a reference to the title and the setting of the popular cartoon "Gravity Falls". This however, is unconfirmed.

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