"Cool, well I'm right behind you bro!"

Original Mod

Little Brother Jake





First Appearance

Time Machine! - Part 1


AlChestBreach (Uncle)
Janet (Presumed Aunt)
Mister Cuddlesworth (Adopted cousin)
A.J. (Cousin)
Sizzler (Surrogate cousin)


  • Chinese Troopers
  • NavMeshes
  • Time Travel




Temporary Companions

Jake is AlChestBreach's nephew and a temporary companion in Fallout New Vegas.


Jake first accompanied Al in Fallout New Vegas Mods: Time Machine! - Part 1 as part of the Little Brother Jake mod. Al first met him in Goodsprings, and then took him to the Cute Shop, another part of the mod which allowed him to try on clothing. After purchasing some clothes, Al took him into the kitchen and proceeded to change him. He finally decided on the Child Faith outfit and the gang headed out.

Jake followed Al into a secret base of sorts, where various scientists and doctors were present. When Al is given the task of going back in time, Jake follows him. After taking out several enemies, he is one of the companions who follows Al back to the present and doesn't become stuck in the past, unlike Janet and Steve. He does, however, become glitched into a set of stairs once the remaining group exits the building. He was alive after this instance, although it was confirmed in a later video that he had died.


  • Jake is Al's second child companion, the first one being Choobee Scoots.
  • Jake is a casual MIB agent.
  • Jake was slightly delusional, as he thought that he and Al were brothers when he was actually Al's nephew.
  • Al made the implication of molesting Jake inside of the Cute Shop kitchen, although was just messing around and did no real harm.
  • Jake left the gang, as he hated them. (Or he may have gotten stuck in the ground. No one really knows.)
  • Jake was given an Obnoxious Cicada by Al, however he refused to use it, most likely out of fear of breaking every bone in his body.
  • It was revealed by Al in Fallout New Vegas Mods: Bad Mothaf*cka - Part 1 that his last child companion, Jake, had died somehow after time traveling. It is unknown how or when he died.
  • Al must have an unidentified sibling, otherwise he would not have a nephew.
  • Not known to Al, he gave him clothes that were the same clothes in the game Mirror's Edge which were worn by the Protagonist Faith.

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