Iveilos and Al 1

Al and Iveilos scavenging.

Ivelios is a DayZ player who befriended Al in his time of loneliness and despair. Ivelios is featured in TuesDayZ - Bean Brothers - Part 2.


When Al was scavenging one of the many towns in DayZ, he meets Ivelios and a crowbar-wielding gentleman known as "Crowbar Man". Unlike the many DayZ assholes that Al encounters in his travels, Ivelios identified himself as friendly. When they first meet, Al thought that Ivelios and Crowbar Man were engaged in combat but Ivelios claims that it was an accident. Shortly after, Crowbar Man attacks Ivelios in a frenzy. Al quickly comes to Ivelios's aid and proceeds to butcher Crowbar Man to death with an axe. Ivelios was shocked by Al's gruesome brutality at first, but realized that it was for the best. Ivelios then picked up the man's crowbar and they continue to scavenge for supplies. Later that day they stopp for a rest. Having found a can of beans, they decide to share them accordingly. From that moment on they declared themselves: "The Bean Brothers".

Possible Demise Edit

After their rest they continued to search the town for supplies. To their dismay, a horde of zombies began chasing them. They try to confuse the zombies by running in different directions but to no avail. Deciding to take a stand, they manage to fight them off. After patching up their wounds, Al spots a heavily armed survivor. They determine that he is not friendly and try to escape his path but with little luck. While attempting to corner him, the unnamed survivor unloaded a hail of bullets from his assault rifle onto Al, striking him several times in the arms and torso. Al soon falls, succumbing to his wounds. Ivelios screams out "NOOOOOOO", saddened by the loss of his friend. It is unknown whether or not Ivelios survived the encounter, however it can be assumed that he was most likely killed as well. As Al's life force transcended into the heavens, he sang a song in tribute to their friendship.


  • Al and Ivelios also went by "The Beaners".

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