Imperial New Vegas is the post-apocalyptic city of Las Vegas and capital of the New Vegas Empire following the Great War, and the death of Mr. House.


Decades after the Great War, the citizens of Vault 21 emerged into the pre-war city of Las Vegas which lay untouched by the nuclear explosions. The vault dwellers form into the tribes that would later become known as the Omertas, the Chairmen, and the White Glove Society. In 2138, Robco president Robert House awakes in the Lucky 38 casino and activates a sizable force of securitrons, taking control of the city, and convices the former residents of Vault 21 to rebuild a section of the city in a pre-war representation. House ruled as the de facto ruler since.

In the year 2281, the Courier, AKA Al, goes to Vegas to take revenge on the Chairmen leader, Benny, and later House under orders from the NCR. Once House was killed, the remaining citizens in the city swore fealty to the Courier as emperor and became members of the newly formed Empire, founded on anarcho-capitalist political ideals which favor individual soverignty, the absolute protection of private property and the unimpeeded operation of open markets. Subsequently, a megacorporation, the Imperial Trade Corporation, was formed, overseeing all trade in the empire. However, Buisness Radroach Inc. has falsely accused the ITC of monopolistic practices and has declared a trade war on the corporation, spurring The ITC-Business Radroach Inc. War. After a decisive battle at Guardian Peak, the Buisness Radroaches are left defeated, but only temporary as they are likely rebuilding their forces for their next attack.


The glorious and total ruler of the Empire is reffered to as Emperor Six, AKA Courier Six (to some of the less civilized people in the Wasteland). The Courier has access to a grand army of lobotomites, and effectively controls all trade in the Mojave Wasteland, further building their (the Courier's) business monopoly. However, much of the Empire is regulated and kept under order, likely by some assisstants of the Courier's located in the Strip, leaving him to freely continues his past endeveaors of exploring the wasteland.


After the empire's take over of New Vegas, many citizens of the wasteland were lobotomized and sent to many locations around the Mojave, further asserting the Empire's dominance. These new soldiers were equiped with M1 Garand service rifles, Pre-War military trenchcoats, and NCR Veteran Ranger helmets. The officers who are posted with the soldiers are equiped with a SIG-Sauer 12.7MM Pistols, Pre-War military trenchcoats, and officer hats.

The Empire also has access to a large number of artillery pieces, varying in size but none the less powerful. The Empire has taken to surrounding the New Vegas Strip with these cannons to either show off their military power, or ward off anyone stupid enough to attack the fortified city. Along with recovering a few vertibirds, the Empire has found a number of vehicles in servicable condition that were reserved for military use and loaded up with heavy weaponry


The economy of the Empire is largely focused in trade, controlled by the ITC megacorporation. Following the second battle of Hoover Dam, the Legion were left defeated with overall negative relations with the Empire due to their actions against the emperor, leaving them little chance to trade with the Empire. The NCR, while largely unaffiliated with the Empire, maintain trade and have chosen to avoid New Vegas and the Hoover Dam in their eastward expansion. All outlying towns and settlements in the Mojave are under the juristiction of the Empire and are ruled with an iron fist. Buisness Radroach Inc. has since ceased trade with the city following the Imperial takeover, and is currently at war with the Empire.


  • Imperial New Vegas is a mod that can be downloaded here, and Al reviews the mod in this video.
  • One of the most notable features about the Imperial officers is the dark rims around their eyes, likely due to a lack of sleep since lobotomization.
  • It should be noted that while Buisness Radroaches are enemies of the Empire, radroaches that just so happen to do buisness are still under protection of Imperial law.


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