The horses talking about the stock market rise and how they should invest.

The Horse House is a house that is filled to the brim with horses that appears in Al's playthrough of The Sims 3. It is actually owned by Mikel Tanden, who was in good standing with The Duggarts, and his son- as well as Bobby's mortal enemy- Doug Tanden. However, the house is truly ruled by the family's three horses, Cartridge, Coddle, and Stingle Farks (hence, the name "Horse House"), and possibly the small dog named Pudge Farks that also lived there, before betraying her equine friends to join the Duggarts.


The house is very small, consisting of a living room, a bathroom, a very small kitchen, and a bedroom with only one bed.


  • Bobby has tried several times to destroy the Horse House, probably with the intent of killing his nemesis.
  • The house has only one bed, which Mikel takes. Doug sleeps on the sofa in the living room.
  • The four-legged residents of the house all seem to possess some sort of superior intelligence, especially the horses, who are capable of speaking proper English and have been smart enough to attack the destructive Bobby.
  • Al has not yet given a reason as to why he wants the Horse House destroyed.
  • Coddle kicked Bobby in the chest and knocked him down in episode 41, which caused Al to laugh greatly. Bobby had a sore body for the next 24 hours.
  • In episode 60, one of the horses, Coddle, the tan horse, was shot by Bobby in an attempt to blow up the house. Also during that episode, Doug Tanden, one of the houses inmates and Bobby's previous arch-enemy was killed during the shooting. 
  • In episode 63, along with the owner of the house Mikel, Stingle, the white and black spotted horse, were shot by Mageru and as with previous victims of shootings, "died of hunger". This leaves Cartridge, the black horse, as the last remaining survivor of The Horse House.
  • A message popped up from the game in episode 84 that "An Unrouteable Sim was Found, Stingle Farks." It is unknown if this means that Stingle is still alive somewhere or if he is lost somewhere in the game's data. 
  • In episode 132, it was confirmed that Stingle and Cartridge are still alive, as Robbie meets them at the Town Hall. They, just like with Doug, do not seem to be antagonistic anymore, although this could change.
  • Robbie visits the house in episode 135 to kick over the flamingos in the yard, although the former members of the house are no longer there.
  • In episode 137, Stingle is seen along with Cartridge on a date in front of the day spa, their date was soon interupted by Doug, who rode Stingle backwards.
  • In episode 143, the Horse People informed the Duggart family that they are pleased with Bobby's diligence in advancing their political goals and reluctance to fire their "acquaintance" at the town hall. They also informed that the family will be spared when the time comes for the Great Horse Uprising.

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