Hopper was a Securitron in New Vegas, serving as Mr. House's advanced research and development scientist (AKA he made mods). He is known for creating many important technologies for New Vegas, and then later the Radio Radroach Alliance after their successful takeover of the Vegas region. While he was a prisoner under the R&R Alliance, he managed to successfully enact a plan and escape, at the cost of his original body.

Many of his innovations (or, as he calls them, "mods") are used by AlChestBreach, and more recently Crier Breach.

Origins Edit

Hopper was originally a Securitron, as well as a distant cousin of Yes Man. Mr. House created him as an experiment with true AI, and after some observation, decided that the AI should be in charge of the R&D wing. He began producing odd yet useful bits of technology, and even managed to recover some thought lost to time. These technologies included such things like the transmission codes for both TITAN-1 and Dubov-Hercules, the first being an orbital production facility for pilot-able military grade robots, while the second is an orbit bombardment platform with a seemingly unending supply of munitions. Wholly new inventions included schematics for converting robotic limbs into usable weapons, a weapon that damages via sound, as well as guides that allowed people to use various wasteland creatures as natural weapons, such as a Gecko. Most disturbing however was when he discovered a particular strain of genetic code that when altered, allowed the user to temporarily morph into a Deathclaw, albeit painfully. During this time of innovation, he grew particularly fond of AlChestBreach, who frequently bought his inventions with enthusiasm, usually sending a video review back to Hopper.

Hopper had been happy working on his devices until the day that the Radios and Business Radroaches sieged Vegas. While most of his fellow Securitrons on the Strip were scrapped for parts or reprogrammed by the R&R Alliance, they decided to keep Hopper alive due to his adeptness in various fields. They locked him deep within a lab in New Vegas, making sure that he never left, stripping him of all his weapons in the process, and forced him to create new technologies for both the R&R Alliance and Crier Breach.

Despite the captivity, Hopper's technological prowess was not hindered. He continued to churn out new technologies for the R&R Alliance, with innovations such as upgrades to the Radio Troops, an automatic teleportation device for Crier Breach that teleported Radio Troops to his position, two genetically modified Cazadors, one of which that Crier would use as a wrist-mounted weapon until it died, and then another that Crier Breach later used as a companion, renaming it to "Sergeant Buttfist", as well as a Quantum Trigger that aided the Crier in stopping time (even though Hopper had secretly sabotaged the device so that it would slowly kill anyone who used it).

Hopper continued inventing until one day tragedy struck. While attempting to create a replica of Mister Cuddlesworth, a group of the prototype Synthetic Deathclaws, or "Synthclaws", had managed to breach containment while Hopper was still present on the testing grounds and escape into the wild. Unbeknownst to the scientists working with him, Hopper had staged his own death, creating a scene in which one of the Synthclaws would break out, kill his Securitron form, then flee. Little did they know the Synthclaw that had killed Hopper, was in fact Hopper himself, as he had uploaded his AI into its body. In his new body he escaped into the wasteland, staying low and pretending to be a normal Deathclaw in order to avoid detection, awaiting word from the Resistance he had learned about.

After many months of laying low, he finally gained word from the Resistance. He heard of their exploits and attacks on the R&R Alliance, and decided to contact them. In order to distinguish himself as not just another wild Deathclaw he donned a bandana around his neck and started his search. Once he found the Resistance, after initial hostility toward him, they let him in. Hopper inquired about the location of Al ChestBreach, and they directed him to the Boston Commonwealth, where it was speculated that Breach had been teleported to. With a newfound quest, Hopper set off across the wasteland, walking through Legion Territory and across the entire United States.

It took Hopper three months to finally reach Boston, and by that time he had met many fellow Intelligent Deathclaws on his path. Some had even agreed to travel with him, as they too shared his quest to reach Boston. Once they arrived, he learned of the Institute and the Eastern Brotherhood of Steel. His first encounter with the Institute wasn't a pleasant one, with the Synths opening fire without question, and when he managed to with Institute scientists, they either fled, attempted to fight him, or even tried to abduct him for experimentation. Now with hate for the Institute, Hopper continued his search until he had an encounter with the Brotherhood of Steel, who treated him with initial hostility. After some tense negotiations, and minor bloodshed, they reluctantly let him live due to the valuable information from Mr. House's network that was still contained in his mind. He continued to live in the Commonwealth, continuing his search for Al, all the while working with the Brotherhood occasionally, as well as inventing new things now and then, although at a much slower pace due to unfamiliarity with his new form.

Inventions (Mods) Edit

Fallout New Vegas Edit

Titan - Hopper discovered the long forgotten activation codes for the TITAN-1 orbital production facility and, after some tinkering, managed to create a device that can wirelessly uplink with the station. The device can be used to remotely summon a Titan, a massive pilot-able war machine. Doing so causes the Titan to fall from the sky producing a large explosion on impact. AlChestBreach has been accidentally killed many times by this explosion. The marker is currently in possession of the R&R Alliance.

Vertibird Player Home - Not directly created by Hopper, but upon Jenkins' death a small detachment of repair bots was dispatched to assist JNKS in his efforts to repair the destroyed craft. Current whereabouts are unknown, all attempts to make contact with JNKS have been met with failure.

Removable Robot Arms - Hopper developed schematics that allowed robot's weapon-wielding arms to be removed safely and to be used as weapon, to the request of Mr. House.

Rogue The Sentry Bot - Hopper  was not directly involved with Rogue, but he was the one to put out a message about it. AlChestBreach brought the bot online and temporarily used it as a companion, only for it to be destroyed yet again in a Vertibird accident. It was repaired a second time, where it was then hijacked by an unknown party, followed by being rescued by Al. Current whereabouts are unknown.

Nuke It From Orbit - Using codes that he salvaged from Helios One, Hopper found a way to connect to a massive Orbital Weapon satellite orbiting the Earth, codenamed Dubov-Hercules. He linked the station to a device, much like TITAN-1, allowing the person wielding it to remotely call in strikes. The marker is currently in possession of the R&R Alliance.

Were-Claw - Hopper's first attempt at genetic engineering on a human subject. Initial attempts were messy, often resulting in the subject turning inside out, or worse. After several trials the formula was mostly perfected, and allowed a human to morph into a Deathclaw, however the process is quite painful.

Gecko Flamer - In an attempt to be more environmentally friendly, Hopper found a way to tame a Fire Gecko and use it as makeshift flamethrower.

Attack of the Radios - Not much is known of Hopper's involvement during this time, other than he was captured at some point before hand. Against his will he was forced to use Mr. House's information network, allowing the Radios to accurately attack the Mojave and AlChestBreach in mass.

Radio Reinforcements - One of the first inventions that Hopper was forced to make by the R&R Alliance was a device that allowed Crier Breach to relay in radio reinforcements whenever he required them. Hopper included a 'mistake' that made radios teleport into walls if the device was used indoors.

Throwable REPCONN Rockets - After seeing some REPCONN Rockets fly away from Novac, Hopper decided that he would do that - but at much smaller, more affordable scale. He replaced the goo inside one of the toy replicas with plasma, giving it the punch of a regular plasma grenade. While it's much simpler than many of his inventions, he was proud of them nonetheless.

A Cazador's Life - One of the earliest ideas made for the R&R Alliance, a genetically modified Cazador was successfully implanted within a pre-existing colony. This Cazador went on to lay at least one egg, which successfully hatched into a much more docile and controllable Cazador. Crier has since adopted it and named it Sergeant Buttfist.

Cazauntlet - The Cazauntlet was an attempt to make a genetically modified baby Cazador passive enough to be attached to the owner's wrist, who would then use the Cazador's stinger as a weapon.

The New Captain Ballarms - The New Captain Ballarms was a successful attempt at reconstructing Captain Ballarms, one of Al's many companions.

Rodney the Friendly Mantis - Rodney was the product of Hopper observing AlChestBreach wander around the wasteland, talking to various creatures. This was his first attempt at genetic experimentation on a living creature. At first Rodney was mistaken as a threat, and accidentally nuked, yet he survived and later made amends with Al. Current whereabouts are unknown.

Configurable Sonic Emitter - After the R&R Alliance acquired pieces of technology from Big MT, specifically the Sonic Emitter, Hopper started to experiment with it. One of the few successes came from him creating a customizable audio sample filter for the device, which allowed the user to change it on the fly.

Quantum Trigger - The Quantum Trigger was another device that Hopper made for the Radio Radroach Alliance. It's intention was to stop time, though Hopper installed an 'inevitable flaw' that slowly drained the life out of any who used the device.

No Claws For Alarm -

Nuke 'Em - After much trial and error with bioengineering, Hopper found that, with certain enhancements, humans could erupt into a nuclear explosion at any time they willed, however the experience was extremely painful and brought the person to near death every time.

Cazador Queens - While experimenting with Cazadors, Hopper accidentally created something horrible: a Cazador Queen. He attempted to exterminate the specimen, however it broke out and spread across the Mojave, breeding new Cazador Queens to terrify the wasteland.

Simple Victor Companion -

Companion Reviving -

Laser PDW -

The Frontier - Legends say that Hopper is working with a secret group of people to establish connection to an area of the West Coast known only as "The Frontier". No one is actually sure when he will be able to establish connection, but it is believed he and his group are working day and night to establish a link.

Fallout 4 Edit

Deathclaw Power Armor - When Hopper met his Intelligent Deathclaw friends in the Commonwealth, he decided that he would make a way to protect them. Despite his enormous, clawed hands, Hopper soon crafted power armor that would fit the form of Deathclaws, giving his family of Deathclaws protection (as well as looking badass).

More Deathclaw Variety - By bringing Intelligent Deathclaws from all over the United States, he introduced many new types and breeds of Deathclaw into the Commonwealth, creating all types of new breeds to terrorize the people of the Commonwealth.

Vintage Alien Blaster - Upon visiting Nuka World, Hopper was disappointed that the Animatronic Alien Blasters couldn't actually be used as weapons. In order to fix that he took several of the animatronic weapons to his workshop, where he combined an alien blaster with the Animatronic one, eventually creating one that worked just as the one that could be found on the body of Zetans.

Whistling Railway Rifle - When Hopper found the so-called "Railway Rifle", he was very disappointed to find that it did not whistle. He fixed this rather easily, adding extra parts so that each shot would create a varying whistle.

Speedy Protectron Legs - Upset at the slowness of the standard Protectron, Hopper decided to implement the speed and design of Assaultron legs into the Protectron model, turning a regular Protectron into a deadly killing machine, unlike the snail dumpsters they were before.

LiberT-60 Prime - In an effort to aid the Brotherhood of Steel, Hopper engineered a suit of power armor specially built for Liberty Prime. While it wouldn't really do anything significant to the resistance of the giant robot, he thought it'd be funny nonetheless.

Space Sentry Leg Fix - While experimenting with Sentry Bot modifications found in Nuka World, Hopper discovered that there had been an engineering flaw on every instance of the Space Sentry. He fixed this rather easily.

Synthicide -

Deathwings -

Trivia Edit

  • Hopper is one of the few Recurring Characters to have never actually appeared in one of Al's videos.
  • Hopper's Securitron form was a cousin of Yes Man.
  • Hopper is a wizard
  • Hopper31 has an active Twitter account.
  • Despite being a Deathclaw, Hopper is surprisingly Charismatic.
  • Hopper is one of the lead devs of the huge Fallout New Vegas mod The Frontier.

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