The most interesting man in the world

Hiller Flint is a pre-made townie Sim and paparazzo in The Sims 3 that encountered Donny Cop in The Sims with Al! - Depressed Cop Edition. He is an elder Sim, although starts the game as an adult Sim.


Hiller first appears in episode 35 in the town's public library along with Christal Judd, another paparazzo, and proceeds to take several pictures of Donny and Irene Funke, a Sim Donny was flirting with. He is greatly admired by Al while on screen and it is revealed that he is also a serial killer who has the modus operandi of only targeting hookers.

He visited Donny in episode 37, wanting to take some pictures with him. Donny invites him inside, which allows him to reveal that he thinks Donny is garbage and remarks that the Cop family is "poor as hell". After complaining, he begins playing guitar until he leaves to attend a "kitten ball". He is later seen outside of the house along with Christal, during Donny's feast party, ready to snap photographs of the event.

In episode 42, Christal Judd, his partner, died of old age.

Due to his absence following episode 37, and his partner's death, it is assumed that Hiller also died of old age somewhere in between episodes 37 to 47.

R.I.P. Hiller Flint

Episode 35-???


  • Al once referred to him as John Kerry and on another occasion as Bob Barker
  • At first sight Al called him a sexy hawk, he also said that "someone took America and shoved it into an old man".
  • He carries a llama cane that is actually a concealed gun with one round in it, which he uses to shoot hookers.
  • He may be an expert in either kickboxing or taekwondo, or possibly both.
  • He has sharp-edged shoes specifically designed for stabbing via kicks.
  • He's diabetic and keeps his pills in his front belt satchel. 
  • He wears a leather strap across his chest, which is used for strangling.
  • He keeps vials in his back belt satchel, which is used to reap the souls of his victims.

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