"Ooh, my legs are killing me."

Original Mod

Herbert the Doom Marine Companion





First Appearance

The Guitar Store!




Business Radroaches




Temporary Companions

Herbert is a Doom Marine and a temporary companion of Al's who is first seen in Fallout New Vegas Mods: The Guitar Store!.


Herbert is first introduced in Freeside, already a companion of Al's. Al tells him that he is delusional and isn't really from the video game Doom, and is instead, a man who wanders around Freeside aimlessly. He also tells Herbert that they aren't friends and that he is going to die soon. Since Herbert is practically worthless, Al decides to help him find a job at a recently opened Guitar Shop.

Appearances Edit

Once he is taught proper store etiquette, Al takes him to kill the Cockroaches, a parody band of the Hoopaskins (according to Al), and retrieve stolen guitars. After returning to Freeside, Herbert runs away from Al in an attempt to escape his homelessness, ultimately to no avail.

He is back at the end of the mod review, playing guitar with Al. He also appears in the subsequent mod review Fallout New Vegas Mods: Tower of Raiders! - Part 1, where Al attempts to find a home for him. The home is however, as the name implies, infested with raiders and is not suitable to live in, and the gang is forced to clear it out. Although scarred after the death of Johnson Calhoun, Al's former employee, Herbert continues onward and grows as a person through their journey traversing the tower.

Once they complete the tower and defeat several deathclaws while rescuing various captives, the quest is accomplished. He is alive at the end of the mod review, although it is unknown if he will appear again.


  • He is apparently a homeless man and found all of his armor in an alley in Freeside.
  • He likes looking at Steve's ass.
  • He may have lathered himself in grease.
  • He isn't allowed to use the Alien Gun because he broke the universe every time he did so.
  • He is considered by Al to be a badass.
  • He (or the mod he came from) is based on the Marine saved by Al in his Brutal Doom video.
  • He makes a cameo in Fallout New Vegas Mods: Thomas Pinkerton Revengeance - 1, where he is seen at the companion party dancing with Axe Man.

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