Henry was a soldier that was featured in the Mothership Zeta Crew Mod review as a companion of Al's. He held his gun upside down and didn't seem to have a clear understanding of what he was doing, despite being a soldier.

He died in a tunnel while fighting a large settlement of both raiders and gang members. After Al found his dead body, he began to cry and held a short death service for him. 


  • Henry could not fight at all, so he died.
  • Al could not have done a better memorial. Because it was perfect.
  • Most of the time he would be holding his gun the wrong way due to a glitch. Al referenced this in his memorial saying how he was "a little crazy in the brain".
  • Henry's actual name was "Soldier", as he had not been given a name. Al only called him Henry, so it is best to assume that this is his the name he liked to go by. 
  • Henry's only known kills were during a fight against raiders inside the metro station which he would later die in. He killed four of them before his death in combat.
  • Al had mixed emotions for Henry. He wanted (and tried) to kill him at first. Al knew he was his friend when he saved his ass on the way to the raider hideout. They were best friends by the time Henry died.