"Typical Harvey stance"


Female (Referred as male)



First Appearance

Cat Tales-Guess Who's Up!


AlChestBreach (Owner)
Darlene (Sister)


  • Freddy Kreuger
  • Darlene (Occasionally)



Harvey is one of Al's two adult cats and the star of Cat Tales.

Origin Edit

Her first appearance on the Cat Tales series is on the first episode, Cat Tales-Guess Who's Up! where she tries to rest on the porch but Al keeps on talking about Freddy Kreuger. Harvey then hides her dreams in her anus to prevent Freddy from infiltrating her dreams.

Appearances Edit

In Cat Tales - Trick Tracks!, she calls Al downstairs to open the door to let him out, but Al thinks she's trying to trick him and then stab him in the mouth.

In Cat Tales - Lazy Sunday, she just sits in front of the TV on the couch while farting constantly.

In Cat Tales - Did you get the Cups?!, Al has some people coming over and asked Harvey to get cups. Unfortunately, he couldn't find then and Al had to help him find them.

In Cat Tales - Deadly Bridge of Death! , as Alpha CentauriCat, she climbs on Al's playground Deadly Bridge Mountain by first climbing the Ladder of Progress and was on his way to the broken Bridge of Death that leads into the Secret Jungle, but instead he stops to lick her paws.

In Cat Tales - Chub Burger, Al buys a chub burger for Harvey, but he refuses. He later jumps out of the window without drinking her milk.

In Cat Tales - Darlene, Al takes Harvey outside where she and Darlene fight for a few seconds. Al and Darlene stalk Harvey as she is pooping on the grass.

In Cat Tales - The Friendship Song, Al tries to conduct the Friendship Song with Harvey and Darlene but fails as both either refuse to sing or are singing it wrong.

In Cat Tales - Solar Flare Warning, Harvey inspects Al's Hyundai Chevrolet to see if the hatches and windows are secure for then incoming solar flare. She finishes and moves on to inspect other cars in the neighborhood. She actually sneaks away to eat grass.

In Cat Tales - Bean Bag Cats, Harvey and Darlene sit outside in a way that makes them both look like a bean bag and a couch for Martian spaceships, respectively.

In Cat Tales - Arteest!, she criticizes Al's drawing of Chumpkins. Al then draws an outline of Harvey without him looking and then Harvey paints a painting of an old man with a boy on the beach, telling Al to do better.

After a few episodes featuring Butch, Lil Mama and the Kittens, Harvey and Darlene reappear in Cat Tales - Goofy Cupcakes. Al offers "goofy cupcakes" to Harvey, but she refuses while Darlene (in an E-collar) licks icing off one. After a while, Al traps Harvey in the hallway with a huge cupcake.

In Cat tales - Lickity Lick, Harvey and Darlene (now without the E-collar), are sitting on the lawn while Al is in his "Grass Fortress". Harvey licks herself while Darlene just stares at Al.

In Cat Tales - Friendship 2.0, Al once again sings the Friendship Song to Harvey and a grey kitten. He goes outside but begins a fight with Darlene. After a while they both play with a piece of string on the lawn.

In Cat Tales - Hoth, Al pilots a tiny Snowspeeder and attempts to shoot Harvey and Darlene, but was then shot down by Darlene's eye lasers.

In Cat Tales - Cup of Food!, Al feeds Darlene by scooping cat food into a cup and pouring it into her bowl. He then berates Harvey for her inability to get cups.

In Cat Tales - King of The Castle, Harvey is sleeping while Al dubs her "King of the Castle", "King of Electronics" and "King of Going Inside", despite her gender.

Trivia Edit

  • She has the biggest butt hole in the world
  • In Cat Tales-Guess Who's Up!, she is revealed to be female despite the name.
  • Al refers Harvey as a male after Cat Tales - Darlene.
  • In Cat Tales - Arteest! she is revealed to be Darlene's sister.
  • The donation notification sound for Al's Twitch streams are of Al asking Harvey if she got the cups.
  • She is the first cat to climb Death Mountain.
  • Al made a Valentine's Day video with a montage of Harvey while singing a cover of Hello by Lionel Richie.
  • At the end of Cat Tales - Friendship Troubles, it is revealed that Harvey turned Deadly Bridge Mountain into her runway.
  • In Al's Instagram it's revealed that Harvey's last name is Dochangles when she participated in the 2017 Grass Eating Championships.

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