Gubbs is a reactivated Mister Handy found in the Vermont Superstructure during New Vegas Mods: The Rockwell Pursuit- Part 18.


Gubbs (originally called Mister Handy) was found by Al when he was told by Sir Paddington that he could activate robots in the Superstructure. He came across a Mister Handy, activated it, and then named it Gubbs. 


Gubbs only appears in 2 parts, where he is reactivated, and where he dies. When the Tantrum diverse a small attack in Part 19, Gubbs is killed in action. After he dies, Al reactivates another robot and names it "Gubbs 2.0" in memory of the first Gubbs. 


  • Gubbs is Al's first Mister Handy companion.
  • Gubbs was named so because Al wanted to feel sad when he dies.

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