Gracie Loveland
Gracie Loveland is a pre-made sim in the game The Sims 3 and is a minor antagonist in Al's Depressed Cop Edition playthrough of the game. She is an adult sim and was dating Ethan Parrott. She is also an enemy of Donny Cop, as she thinks he is lame.


Gracie makes her first appearance in episode 38, when she invites Donny Cop over to her party. Although unseen for most of it, she shows herself when she kicks Donny out of her party, revealing that he was bringing down the status of the event. Enraged, Al sends Donny to find her, and it is revealed that her and Ethan are dating, as they are in bed sleeping together. He wakes her up and begins berating her intelligence, and, after a while, forces her to kick him out for good. Once outside, Donny equips his pistol and shoots a bench on the porch, destroying it. He swears revenge and goes home. Later that night, Donny comes back to her house and murders her with a silver bullet, right in front of Ethan.

The Grim Reaper appears and takes her soul away, leaving her tombstone outside on the porch.

R.I.P Gracie Loveland

Episode 38


  • She has the traits Animal Lover, Great Kisser, Neat, Commitment Issues, and Perfectionist.
  • It is unknown why she is currently dating Ethan, because at the start of the game, she is romantically involved with several other sims.
    • Her lifetime wish is "Heartbreaker" however, so this may be the reason.
  • She is a werewolf, which is revealed by the way she saunters at night time once transformed.
  • She has been the shortest-lived antagonist in any of Al's sims series, only lasting for several minutes and only appearing in one episode.

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