Gordon Freeman in Chinese Stealth Armor.

Gordon Freeman was a minor companion of AlChestBreach. Before the Resonance Cascade and the Great War, he worked at Black Mesa

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Fallout Edit


Gordon Freeman is the main protagonist of Half-Life series, a popular first person shooter series developed by the company Valve. However, there is a Fallout: New Vegas mod that allows him to become a companion. He first appeared in Wasteland Defense 21 and 22. Al said he needed help, so he went to the Prospector Saloon. he then recruited Freeman and gave him an HEV suit and then went to his fort. During a raid Al saw Gordon doing nothing but running back and forth. In Wasteland Defense 22 Al gave Gordon a sniper rifle and actually fought. Gordon Freeman hasn't appeared in any new Vegas videos since then. Al plays as Gordan Freeman during his videos of Half Life 2, Episode 1Black Mesa Source and Half Life 2 - Cinematic Mod.


  • Upon first seeing Jimmy Whistles, Al thought Gordon was Jimmy's father.
  • During Wasteland Defence 21 there were three times when Gordon's cell phone rang;
    • At 7:20 when Al first talked to Gordon.
    • At 12:28 when Al Confronted Gordon when he saw that he wasn't fighting.
    •       At 17:31 when Al was in the trailer watching Willow fight.
  • Al insulted him multiple times by saying he will never "have" anyone. Gordon happened to be usually looking at Willow or Veronica.
  • Al states in his series on Half Life 2 that Gordon is a ghoul.
  • Gordon appears to be attracted to Alyx Vance, according to quotes from Al.
  • His usual weapon is a crowbar
  • He's mute in the Half Life games.