AlChestBreach concert flyer. featuring Goot in a Boot.

Goot in a Boot is a song Al sang during his playthrough of the Fallout: New Vegas DLC Honest Hearts, and tends to sing this classic beat time and time again whenever a NPC using the Dead Horses' speech path says the word "Goot" - "Good(day)"
―Dead Horse tribal

Appearances Edit

  • Many times on New Vegas Mods: Honest Hearts Reborn and his vanilla Honest Hearts playthough.
  • During New Vegas Mods: Zion Trail - Part 7, whilst passing by Al, a tribal said "Goot" to Al, to which he gleefully broke out into song with her.


  • It is rumored that AlChestBreach used to sing this professionally on the New Vegas Strip.
  • Goot means good day in Creole.