Original Mod

Wasteland Baby Project





First Appearance

Fallout 3 Stream - Baby Troubles!


Devil Breach (Father)
Robert (Mother)






Devil Breach

Goofygoober is Devil Breach's infant son seen in the Fallout 3 Stream - Baby Troubles!

Origin Edit

After attempting to take several "fake" babies, Al finds the baby left unattended in a carriage in Megaton and promptly steals him in front of a crowd of onlookers. Al often wears the baby on his back like an equipped weapon, and has displayed a short temper whenever he starts crying and he responds yelling "shut the fuck up!" and "we are so getting rid of this baby.". He names the baby "Goofygoober" because a fan had donated $20 and asked if the baby could be named after them. Al eventually returns to Point Lookout where he is reunited with his "wife", a random female smuggler named "Robert" whom he had divorced, he also drops Goofygoober from the top of the ferris wheel. Later Al takes Goofygoober to the Great Punga and angrily kicks him about the place when he realizes that the swamp bubble he was looking for is in a different area he then activates the baby's "weaponize" mode and uses it to kill nearby Mirelurks. 

He eventually takes his son up to the Mothership Zeta and spawns hundreds of babies at once, which quickly fills up the bridge and crashes the game It is unknown what became of Goofygoober after this. 


  • "Don't worry baby daddy's gonna protect you until I use you as a football or something."
  • "Shut the fuck up Goofygoober!"
  • "Me and my baby going to the swamp, we are gonna have a good time."
  • "Welcome to the baby stream we got babies."
  • "The thing about weaponizing babies is that it's hard to do, but when it's done correctly it's unstoppable."
  • "In space no one can hear your baby." 


  • According to Al he had been kicking babies off of ferris wheels since 1912. 
  • The baby is from the Wasteland Baby Project mod for Fallout 3.  

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