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Goodsprings Filler is a quest mod for Fallout: New Vegas, and the third mod Al has ever reviewed.


Goodsprings Filler is a mod that expands the town of Goodsprings and extends playing time through the addition of extra quests. It opens up previously boarded up houses, and fills them with NPCs, several of whom have their own quest attached to them. It also adds an additional underground cave structure to the town. All quests are fully voiced acted and lip synched to ensure that the mod fits in seamlessly into the world. The next time you start a new game, why not spend a bit more time in Goodsprings?

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Al's opinion of the modEdit

Al thought it was a decent mod, but was annoyed by the fact that he gained infamy with GoodSprings during some of the quests. He was also perturbed that the voice acting for characters saying "goodbye" didn't come from the voice actors themselves, but from the core games voice files. Overall, AlChestBreach thought it was a good mod.