Goat-Man is Al's character in Misc. Monday! - Goat Simulator. Goat-Man, or simply "Goat" is a goat superhero. He has a deep hate for humans and kills many of them. Goat man seemed almost invincible, crashing into cars, surviving explosions, and being launched into orbit until his death in episode 2. In episode 2, Goat-Man returns home to discover his human girlfriend, Shila, has started dating another human named Rodney. In rage, Goat-Man kills both of them and rampages through town. He eventually destroys a gas station, which collapses and kills him.


  • Near invincibility
  • Jet pack
  • A power pitcher strapped to his back
  • Super adhesive and elastic tongue
  • Incredibly strong horns


  • He had two goat girlfriends, one named Mercy.
  • He is very clumsy.
  • He states he has children, one of which is a daughter.
  • He seems to work for some sort of goat military.
  • He collects golden goat statues.
  • When he is not being a superhero, he sells watches.
  • He has a combination of a Norwegian accent and a New York accent.
  • He hates ladders.
  • He's been playing the game "Flappy Goat" for 13 years.

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