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Minecraft: Go West is a popular made up game for the very popular game Minecraft, in which the aim of the game is to survive and head west, where the sun sets. He has re-started the series calling it Minecraft Go West Season 2.

Day 1Edit

Begging with Minecraft: Go West Part 1, Al gets all of his gear needed, and heads of the ocean. However, he immediately is faced with a problem, he had Mo' Creatures Mod on and so he wsa brutally killed and raped by sharks. Al lost all of his sweet gear, remade some of it, and then recovered only a fraction of it, having still not found it yet.

On the first night, Al build his home out of sand, dirt, and stone. A cow joined him, the cow was seen as company for Al, but it later annoyed him so he killed the cow.

Day 2Edit

Beginning at 11:20 in Minecraft: Go West-Part 1  Al starts the recording and leaves his first house instantly blowing it up with a creeper (then his phone goes off). He plants his 10 trees (or seeds), soon he starts a fast forwarding sequence well know in his Go West series. At About 2:14 he finds his soon to be best friend Chester and creates the Chester the Squirrel song. Next Al makes his second "home" really is a hole in the ground that he made with TNT and dirt.

Over his second night he is attacked by ghosts, trolls, and werewolves; forcing him to make an escape route. Chester soon dies to the monsters attacking him. Ending at 9:13 of Minecraft: Go West-Part 2 .    

 Day 3Edit

Starting at 9:14 in Minecraft: Go West-Part 2 Al once again sets out in the morning finding that his house "went the way of the dodo". Soon he starts some retro music and finds Chesters replacement, Chester two. Seeing an impassable sea of sharks (shark sea?) he builds a bridge to get across, getting across the sea he makes a house by blowing up TNT.

Later that night once again he is attacked by monsters like wolves, zombies and skeletons. However the day ends with Al still in his house at 1:17 in Minecraft: Go West-Part 3 (wait....I mean east) .  

Day 4Edit

At 1:18 in Minecraft: Go West-Part 3 (wait....I mean east) Al begins day 4 cowering in his house hearing wolf noises from the outside. Trying to dig his way out he finds wolves have surrounded him so he decides to dig through the walls say the quote "where we're going we don't need roads". Attempting to dig his way out he accidentally kills Chester two with a shovel, still he manages to get away quickly transitioning into another sped up travel. Eventually he finds Chester three and immediately updates his game that puts Chester Three and all other mod creatures is in a state of "flux". That night he Builds a house with an open roof, while he goes afk (eating a donut) a spider decides to attack him. Day 4 end at 10:41 in  Minecraft: Go West-Part 3 (wait....I mean east) .         

Chester the SquirrelEdit

Al found a squirrel that comes with the Mo' Creatures Mod, but is actually a rabbit. He put it on top of his head and named him Chester, and came up with a theme song that goes by the famous lines:

Chester the Squirrel!

He's not a squirrel but he's a rabbit!

Chester the Squirrel!


Al quite literally only says that adding new lines every time he sings the song. He vowed to keep Chester alive, however, later that part, he built a home that got attacked by spiders and ghosts, and Al, trying to mine, killed Chester accidentally with his pick axe.

However, Al then discovered Chester was connected to a bloodline and had thousands of distant cousins. AlChestBreach had several more Chester's, most of them brutally died, with one being on Al's head as the Mo' Creatures Mod disabled, therefore, he doesn't exist anymore.


  • AlChestBreach recently restarted playing Go West and the series is currently in season 2.
  • Due to the 1.8.1 patch, Al began to starve and could not find any food, as he was going over an ocean between landmasses.
  • Al did die once in the series but luckily had a bed where he could respawn at.
  • Al was going across the ocean while he hit a squid. His boat exploded and he drowned.
  • Al found Chester's cousin Derrick and offered him to join him. Derrick declined and then Al set off into the endless sea for all of eternity.
  • Al met a bunny named Chester the Squirrel and vowed to keep him alive. Later in the series Chester died several times and was replaced by a series of his cousins.