Ghoul Cop

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First Appearance

A Fallout Halloween - Ghoul Cop!




  • Ghoul City Police Department





Ghoul Cop is an actor who was imprisoned in the police station of Ghoul City.

Origin Edit

During Halloween, A letter was sent to Al with the words "GHOUL COP" and other words crossed out above it. Al then told Steve to search YouTube for him. They found a trailer for a Ghoul Cop movie by Dogalponlover. It showed Ghoul Cop running over criminals with his police and shooting a cat out of a tree to get it down, with the cat surviving unharmed. He then found out that Ghoul Cop was being held in Ghoul City, and because they knew Jerry too much they took Gully with them, much to Al's displeasure.

They arrived in Ghoul City, Colorado and freed Ghoul Cop from his prison by playing an 8-bit version of Michael Jackson's Thriller on a Radio (Ghoul Cop!). When they went back to the Mojave they went trick-or-treating where they inadvertently discovered children captured by an old lady that refused to give Al candy.

Trivia Edit

  • He only says the words "Ghoul Cop", and he is one of the few characters who say only one thing, other characters being Wolf Dude.
  • According to the checkpoint guard, he and other Ghouls were trying to integrate "smoothskins" into Ghoul City, which led to their arrest. The rest of the Ghouls were never seen.

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