The Ghoul City Police Chief was present in Ghoul City at the time an actor named Ghoul Cop was imprisoned for integrating "smoothskins" into Ghoul City in A Fallout Halloween - Ghoul Cop!.

Origin Edit

He and other officers of Ghoul City arrested protesters that wanted to allow "smoothskins" into Ghoul City, among them was the actor Ghoul Cop.

Appearances Edit

He only appears in A Fallout Halloween - Ghoul Cop!. When Al attempted to infiltrate the Ghoul City police station to rescue Ghoul Cop, Johnny, Cindy (Ghoul Cop!) and their chief were standing guard at the entrance. Al then used Gully to get them searching for a "bomb baby" so that they will disperse and leave the entrance unguarded. When they came back after finding a normal baby under a trashcan, they found Al and his team with Ghoul Cop behind them. Steve then retrieved a Radio they met earlier to distract the police with an 8-bit version of Michael Jackson's Thriller. A few hours later, the Radio stopped playing the song and was presumably shot or put back behind bars.

Trivia Edit

  • He has the same mustache as Al: the Doomrider.