George is the co-founder of Zero Period Productions, a small media production group made up of a number of talented individuals, and a good friend of AlChestBreach's. He has appeared in a few of Al's videos, and Al has appeared in many of Zero Period Productions's. (warning-face!)

History Edit

He and Al's friendship can be dated back to 2011, in which he interviewed Al and PaladinV0ci at New York Comiccon. They would later go on to form a partnership in which they played games together and occasionally make short comedy sketches. He also worked with JusticeManJoe and other people that Al was friends with for a time.

George (left) and Al (right)

First Appearance: Happy New Years! Dual Commentary with George

Trivia Edit

  • George is the only friend Al still plays games with on his channel.
  • Other members of Zero Period include Simon, Al, Philip, Dan, Matt, and Joe; the support team includes Brandon, Marina, and Michael. George manages the Zero Period website.
  • George's most notable series is probably Skyrim Mods reviews/playthroughs.
  • In the video Become a Highwayman Prt. 1 he poked fun at (twice) MMOxreview; most fans found it fairly amusing, due to the so-called "rivalry" between the Alchestbreach fanbase and MxR's.

    The Coffee Critic

  • He recently did a mod review called "Become a Highwayman", in which he states "This is going to be used as evidence against me that I murder people and throw them in rivers." He usually states this after killing someone and throwing them in a river.

    George, Phillip, Simon, and Al in order

  • Al works at Zero Period Productions, which makes George his boss, and friend.
  • Al appears in George's sketch comedy series Stupidity in Progress.
  • Simon started the Zero Period Channel with COD 4 commentaries, and later brought George in.
  • While Simon originally created most of the videos on Zero Period, he has since cut back his involvement due to being busy with college, internships and jobs. George on the other hand has time to do videos as he is a "lazy sack of shit."
  • Simon appears less frequently then George video wise, due to George reviewing long mods and Simon doing what ever the Hell Simon does.
  • He has recently started a Fallout New Vegas Modded LP.

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