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George is an NPC featured in the game Fallout: New Vegas. He was featured in New Vegas Bounties: Part 9 and was killed by the Boomer's artillery when Al was hunting down outlaws.

In the core gameEdit

From the Fallout wikia:

George is a self-proclaimed gambler and scavenger that can be found near Nellis Airforce Base. He says that he makes his money from gambling and "reclaiming objects that are no longer being used". He places double or nothing wagers with travelers, betting that they cannot get to the gate of Nellis AFB and back alive. Then, having tempted them to their doom, he loots their bodies.

In Al's ReviewsEdit

In New Vegas Bounties: Part 9, George was killed when Al was fighting a man named Chuck Bowdrie, a former NCR Ranger who defected to Caesar's Legion. George ran from the fight, and was killed by the Boomers who launched artillery at George, Al, Chuck, and his Legionary Assassins. George and a Legionary Assassin were killed by the artillery, with Chuck and the other Assassin being killed by Al. Al had a funeral to mourn the passing of a dear friend. The only people who Al brought to the funeral were Brahmin, and due to the funeral taking place where George was killed, the Boomers fired upon them. Many Brahmin were sacrificed during the funeral.