Frumpkins as he appears.

Frumpkins is a noticeably larger version of Chumpkins who made his first appearance in the montage Fallout New Vegas Announcement: Back In Time.


In the video, Al follows his typical routine in doing a mod review until he realizes that he had done this particular mod already. Al asks Captain Ballarms and Jerry what he should do (most likely a reference to the dwindling number of Fallout: New Vegas mods that he hasn't reviewed yet) and encounters Frumpkins. Al initially mistakes Frumpkins for Chumpkins until he notices that Frumpkins is much larger. Before Al can finish an anecdotal story, a flash of light emanates from Frumpkins and sends Al and his companions back in time and across the country to the Capital Wasteland of Fallout 3.

Appearances Edit

In the Cat Tales mod the alternate universe Chumpkins dies and then replaced by Frumpkins


  • Frumpkins may be able to bend time and space to allow time travel.

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