Fiend Merc
Fiend Merc
"Huh? Captain Clingy over here..."

Original Mod

Time Machine 2





First Appearance

Time Machine 2 - Part 1




Legionary Assassins
Chinese Soldiers
Super Mutants




Temporary Companions

Fiend Merc is a Fiend mercenary and jet addict who first appears in Fallout New Vegas Mods: Time Machine 2 - Part 1. She works for the time machine company and is a temporary companion of Al's.


The Fiend Mercenary is first met inside of the science facility after Al battles the Legionary Assassins. She converses with Al and reveals that she's an employee of the scientists, although thinks they're weird and wants to accompany Al to get away from them if he pays her 200 caps. Al completes the transaction and gains her as a companion.

Once the gang is sent back in time, she assists Al in taking down the Chinese Soldiers that populate the building and helps him defeat the giant robot inside of the building. After Al gets the required information and fights through a group of super mutants, he reaches the portal and she follows him back to the present. She is alive at the end of the mod review, and Al said she would be a part of the team "until she dies in the next episode".


  • She has a "mutant" ability to raise herself from the dead.
  • She thinks Al should talk to "that" (the time traveling scientist) crackpot about his issues because he is "pretty fucking weird".
  • She was pushed down a set of stairs by Al as an her initiation to the team.
  • Her real name is unknown.

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