A Fancybrain in VATS

Original Mod


First Appearance

New Vegas Mods: Boom to the Moon - 8

Last Appearance

New Vegas Mods: Boom to the Moon - 8


Various Robobrains






Fancybrains are a group of well-dressed Robobrains in South Vegas Ruins as part of a small mod Al made.

Origin Edit

Al made a small mod with them in South Vegas Ruins and a "fancy desk" containing 12 scrap electronics, 12 shot glasses (one as a world item on top of the desk), 3 tuxedo hats and 16 wonderglue for a quest in Boom to the Moon.

Appearances Edit

Al was given a quest by an Eyebot named "O'Toole" to get one scrap metal, a shot glass, a tuxedo hat and a wonderglue to become "a true gentle... robot!". Because Al didn't want to scour the Mojave to look for the items, he instead asked Steve if he knew anything. Steve then led Al to the Fancybrains in South Vegas Ruins. He killed all of the Robobrains and retrieved the items from their "fancy desk".

Trivia Edit

  • Like Steve's Contact, Al made a mod that adds fetch quest items in one place so he doesn't cheat instead.

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