Fallout New Vegas Christmas: Santa's Dilemma is a video realesed by Al December 25th, 2010, as a Christmas 




The video begins with Santa(Voiced by Al) narrarating a poem style story about him "Spreading Christmas Cheer" on two children it is later revealed that this is a written story by one of his "Helpers" after this, he goes around on a Jetpack giving gifts to kids.


  • This is Al's second christmas special.
  • Before a jetpack "Santa" rode Radscorpions (Which were somehow brutally murdered).
  • After "Santa's" shop was overrun by robots, "Santa" nuked it.(with a helper in the blast radius)
  • Though "Santa" constantly denies it, he likes to rape children. Possibly only the ones that have been naughty. (Gross.)

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