Fallout New Vegas Christmas was a video uploaded to YouTube on December 24th, 2010 by AlChestBreach. It is a Christmas special montage.


The montage starts with Al waking up on Christmas Morning excitedly; screaming at Boone and Rex that it is, in fact, Christmas day. Al looks around the room where the Christmas Tree is placed and admires all of the presents left there. He finds one in particular; a hat, that he greatly enjoys and dances about it because he is so happy. He then asks Rex what he got for Christmas and learns that he got a new brain, which he seems happy about. Al suggests that the group now go to Goodsprings, as there would probably be a huge celebration there with "pumpkins" and everything. Boone is reluctant to go, but follows after some persuasion. 

The trio then have a short walking montage on their way to Goodsprings while Al sings a song called "Going to Goodsprings". On their way, they pass many people and dead bodies, but they remain undeterred with the exception of Boone, who just wants to go home. 

Upon arriving in Goodsprings, they are greeted with an extremely oversized Christmas Tree and a ton of towns people; including a band. As they admire the scenery, Doc Mitchell approaches them, who Al quickly mistakes for Santa Claus. After persisting that Doc Mitchell is in fact Santa, he becomes mad and leaves, telling them that he hates everyone and that he wants them out of "his fucking town". Al ignores this request and instead, asks some of the residents and other people from different towns what they received for Christmas. 

Al listens to all of the people he talks to, save for one man who's head he shot off before walking forward and finding a midget person. Doc Mitchell returns and tells Al that the small man is his helper, although Al ignores this and persists again that he is Santa Claus. Annoyed yet again, Doc Mitchell storms off and leaves the trio to themselves, to celebrate Christmas.


  • Boone didn't receive any presents for Christmas. 
  • After becoming enraged by Al, Doc Mitchell exits the scene with a cartwheel. 
  • The items the various towns people received are as follows; 12 apples, clothes for a week, nothing, rabies, pills, a hat, a moustache, pubic hair, a new tie, and a new pair of socks.
  • Al and Boone are in their pajamas throughout he whole montage; one of the reasons Boone is so unhappy the whole time.