Fonv Modded Playthrough.  Edit

Modded playtrough part 1 FONV Modded playtrough part 1 Heres a link to the first part.

Al's modded playthrough of FONV started with the overwhelming amount of requests by fans.

He starts out the playthrough with an alternate beggining, where he chooses the previous life of "Survivalist", an obscene amount of caps, and to tip it all off, he sets the game on Hardcore Mode. Almost immediately after starting out he dies.

Throughout the playthrough, which has exceeded 130 parts, he has adapted to his environment. Now always having more than four companions, excelent weapons, and an obscene amount of caps, he has done many vanilla and mod side quests. Only completing the main quest up to the point where he kills Benny.

The companions he has had through out the playthrough are listed as follows:

Niner, Willow, Jerry McGhoulBerry, Captain Ballarms, Bimmie James, Dingy BicLingDong, Boone, Veronica, Cass (AKA "The Stupid Bitch"), Desmond Harper, Doc Friday, Not Ballarms, Achilles of the East, and Rex.

Some of these companions died off, such as Not Ballarms, and some Al left in a building somewhere because there were too many. 

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'Al's newest group of followers and still are Jerry McGhoulBerry, Captain Ballarms, Cuddles, Niner, and Willow.'                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

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