Extreme Clamps is an Automatron-made robot based on Clamps.

Origin Edit

Al created Extreme Clamps in part 6 of his Automatron playthrough. He usually stays in the Mechanist's Lair whenever he's not following Al.

Appearances Edit

Extreme Clamps was seen in Al's Fallout 4 livestreams about the Rogue Robot sidequests in the Automatron DLC.

Automatron Build Edit

  • Special Mods
    • M-SAT
  • Head
    • Protectron Head
      • Head Actuated Frame
  • Torso
    • Protectron Torso
      • Front Warmonger Storage Plate
      • Rear Warmonger Storage Plate
      • Unknown Misc Torso Mod
  • Left Arm
    • Protectron Left Arm
      • Left Arm Cruel Spiked Plate
      • Left Hand Vice Grip
  • Right Arm
    • Protectron Right Arm
      • Right Arm Cruel Spiked Plate
      • Right Hand Vice Grip
  • Legs
    • Sentry Legs
      • Mid Hydraulic Frame
      • Left Leg Hydraulic Frame
      • Rear Leg Hydraulic Frame
      • Right Leg Cruel Spiked Plate
  • Voice
    • Bleep Dark Voice
  • Paint
    • Yellow Paint

Trivia Edit

  • Unlike other clones of Clamps, he is made from scratch on the robot workbench.
  • He would go ahead of Al during fights.
  • His original name was Automatron-244.