Evil Clamps
AL screen saver
Showdown with Al

Original Mod

Commonwealth Spawns Extended





First Appearance

Stream - Fallout 4 - The Ballad Of Clamps!

Last Appearance

Stream - Fallout 4 - Taxidermy Adventures!


ClampsTheGramps (Grandfather)
MrsClamps (Sister-in-law)
ClampsJr (Nephew)
FatItalianClamps (Cousin)
GrandmaClamps (Grandmother)
Grandpaclamps (Grandfather, deceased)
Clamps_Mom (Mother)
Clamps (Twin brother)
Evil_Italian_Clamps (Possibly cousin)
Evil_Legionary_Clamps (Unknown relation)
Generic_Clamps_47 (Unknown relation)
Space_Clamps (Unknown relation)
Extreme Clamps (Brother's clone)






Evil Clamps was a Utility Protectron and the evil twin brother of Clamps and was killed by Al on the way to General Atomics Galleria to repair Clamps.

Origin Edit

In Stream - Fallout 4 - Ballad of Clamps! Al was carrying Clamps' mutilated remains to General Atomics Galleria but was ambushed by two Protectrons, including Evil Clamps, two Stealth Assaultrons and a Sentry Bot. Al destroyed the rest of the robots and killed Evil Clamps before another Protectron.

Appearances Edit

In Stream - Fallout 4 - Taxidermy Adventures! he later ambushed Al again in the Glowing Sea but was quickly dispatched.

Trivia Edit

  • Al proposed to repair Clamps' head with his evil brother's, but was ambushed by serial killer Protectron.

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