Eva in both her radiation suit and her normal outfit.

Eva Harington is a companion Al acquired in Part 4 of his review of the mod Zombie Nation.


The group first met her at the end of Part 3 of the mod where they found her locked in a jail cell. They rescued her and after taking care of some business of her own, she joined Al and planned to escape with him.

When she joined him, she refused to help him fight any Enclave Troops but eagerly attacked Feral Ghouls. She didn't know how to kill ghouls however, so they kept coming back to life, forcing Cuddles to kill them for her.

Al sent her back to the Lucky 38 at the end of the mod. 


  • Al mistakenly called her 'Eve' several times when he had her. 
  • She could have Superman like powers; shown at the end of Al's review when she vanished in to thin air after she was told to go to the "Luck 38', as the mod spelled it. 
  • Eva and Al were the only two characters who needed radiation suits to survive the high radiation levels of the bunker before their escape, whereas every Enclave Soldier seemed to handle and survive the radiation just fine during the assault. 

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