Ethan Parrott

Ethan as a child sim.

Ethan Parrott is a pre-made sim in game the Sims 3. He is now an adult sim and was Donny Cop's only friend. He is also dating Gracie Loveland. He has the traits Couch Potato, No Sense of Humor, Heavy Sleeper, and Friendly and is a recurring character in Al's Depressed Cop Edition playthrough of the Sims 3.



Ethan as an adult sim and a werewolf.

Ethan is first met by Donny while at school in episode 2. Although Donny wanted to befriend him, Ethan had to go home, and the two never officially met.

In episode 5, Al spotted him at the movie theater in the town and wanted Donny to go meet him, as he had no friends and Al complained that he couldn't find anyone in the town to talk to. After Donny greeted him, the two began chatting and Ethan's dad proposed that the two have a play-date over at Donny's house, to which Al agreed.

In episode 6, after Donny and Ethan were done joking about different colors at his house, Donny celebrated his birthday party, in which he and his dad were the only two guests. After watching his friend age into a creepy teenager, he and his dad were kicked out by Jimmy, and ran home. In the same episode, the two met at the local horse stadium to hang out and play tag.

In episode 7, he aged into a teenager and went over to Donny's house to hang out. The two did their homework together outside, although Ethan was hiding in the bushes like a creep. He was also drenched in toilet water as part of a prank orchestrated by Donny, who requested that Ethan use the rigged toilet. 

In episode 14, it was revealed that he had gained a Celebrity Level and that Donny was still considered reputable enough to hang around him.

He arrives at Donny's teen party with his little brother Omari in episode 19 and chats with Benni Hennessey for most of the party until he passes out from boredom. Donny and Omari also pass out after following his example. Once Benni leaves Jimmy's bed, he begins sleeping there instead. He hangs over at Donny's house in the morning once Donny leaves for school, claiming he has somewhere to go but begins eating food from the refrigerator instead.

In episode 20, Donny ranted his feelings to Ethan over the computer and how emotional he was that he had to wake up at 4 in the morning to do his homework. Ethan didn't really care.

In episode 27 he, along with his little brother, Omari, attended Donny's birthday and watched him enter adulthood.

In episode 28, Donny visited his house and found out that Omari has a Technology degree.

In episode 31, he was invited over to Donny's house so that Al could find out where his father was. The two rekindled their former childhood friendship, despite Al being freaked out upon seeing that he was now a werewolf. Once the two went inside, he began clawing up their furniture, forcing Donny to ask him to leave. He had a good time.

In episode 37, he attended Donny's feast party. In the following episode, his girlfriend, Gracie, threw a party at their house. He is later present when Donny shoots and kills Gracie with a silver bullet on his front porch, right in front of him. In episode 39, it was revealed that Ethan now hates Donny for this and is possibly holding a grudge against him.


  • Although he is a sim that has existed in the town before Donny, Donny aged into a teenager before he did.
  • Ethan shares similarities with Malcolm Landgraab;
    • Both have become the child sim's first friend in their respective playthroughs.
    • Both have lied and claimed they could transform into some kind of animal.
    • Al has forgotten who both of them are within the first ten episodes of each series.
    • Both have aged into a teenager with the first few episodes of being met.
  • His father, similar to Donny's, hates children and barely spends time with him.
  • Ethan claimed he could transform into a horse in episode 6, although instead of demonstrating it, he went to do his homework.
  • Al thinks he looks like Charlie Sheen.
  • Kanoa Parrott, Ethan's dad, works as a decoy for the local crime syndicate.
  • Ethan's dad also cheats on his wife with his two mistresses.
  • Ethan may be a drug dealer.

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