Enrique Pelly is a pre-made sim in the game The Sims 3. He appears in Al's Depressed Cop Edition playthrough of the game and is the current antagonist of the series alongside Mr. Blisters and The League of Evil Pets. He is now an adult sim and is the frenemy of Donny Cop.


Enrique first appears in episode 14, where he is out at the Historical Society Museum and Art Center along with Donny. Although seemingly normal at first, Donny and Al soon grow to hate Enrique as they watch him slap Kim Marshall, a sim Donny was becoming friends with. After calling him out on his heinous act, the two begin to argue which eventually leads to actual fighting. Donny loses the fight and runs back home embarrassed. Donny swears revenge on Enrique.

In episode 17, it had been decided that Enrique was now going to begin snubbing Donny. This prompted Donny to follow him home after school and once there, begin throwing eggs at his house. Enrique ran outside and started screaming for Donny to stop and called the cops on him a few minutes later. The police came and took Donny away back to his own house. Al called him the worst criminal ever.

In episode 19, it was revealed that Enrique had decided to snub Donny again, although this time, Donny didn't seem to care and began doing his homework instead.

He was invited to Donny's birthday party in episode 27; Al's intention being to kill him. Donny, however, got distracted by the craziness of the party and wasted time by going outside to eat in the rain alone, and never actually got to shoot Enrique like he had planned, as the young boy left. Enrique said he had fun.

Enrique sent Donny an invitation to his party in episode 41 and impressed Enrique's mother upon arriving. The two chatted for a while until Al becomes distracted by a horse figurine and begins talking to it. Enrique is not seen for most of the party and Donny eventually leaves to attend another party. In the following episode, Donny invites him and his mom to his birthday party, although the two leave as soon as they arrive, saying they had a good time.


  • Enrique has the Evil trait, which is likely the reason behind his antagonistic acts.
  • Doug Tanden and Enrique share several similarities;
    • Both have become the second antagonists of their respective series.
    • Both are first met at the art/museum centers of their town.
    • Both are child/teenage villains.
    • They are the only two human antagonists to still be alive.
  • It is rumored that Enrique is working with or for Mr. Blisters, although this has not yet been proven.
  • Donny wished to throw eggs at his house.
  • His mother hired Jimmy Cop in episode 22 to investigate her suspicious boyfriend. Both parents seem to be oblivious to their children's feud.
  • Since childhood, Enrique's relationship with Donny has gotten progressively better, even though they are still considered enemies.

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