Goo Goo Bars Vendor

Goo Goo Bars vendor at his kiosk.


In this video, AlChestBreach reviews 4 mods. Enclave Commander, Goo Goo Bars Vendor, Aerial Assault Armor and Risen.


Enclave Commander

Enclave Commander features a command radio that, when activated, brings up a menu with three options:

  1. Squad commands
  2. Request ground support
  3. Request air support

When 'ground support' is selected, another menu comes up with the following options:

  • Assault unit: Rifleman
  • Assault unit: Operator
  • Fire support unit: Machinegunner
  • Fire support unit: Specialist
  • Support unit: Sniper
  • Support unit: Engineer
  • Fill up with last selected unit

​Goo Goo Bars

The Goo Goo bars vendor, recognized with the name "???", uses the same quotes as AlChestBreach in the video A Very Corgi Thanksgiving. The vendor holds 340 Goo Goo bars.

Aerial Assault Armor

The Aerial Assault armor stats are:

  1. Weight - 50
  2. Value - 7,000
  3. Health - 3,000
  4. Damage Threshold - 32

​The Aerial Assault helmet stats are:

  1. Weight - 4
  2. Health - 100
  3. Value - 2,000
  4. Damage Threshold - 6


  • Humorously, Al told Ballarms that he didn't want his squad getting shot in the face, yet the squad died from a missile to the face.