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Emma Watson in The Sims 4.


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Emma Watson was an adult sim, but is now an elder sim and neighbor of The Duggart family in The Sims 4. She is a recurring character in the series and the girlfriend of Bobby Duggart.


Emma Watson first appears in episode 12 at her house playing chess. She invites Bobby inside, who decided to visit her, and the two square off in an intense chess match. While playing, the two bond over Harry Potter and although Bobby cheats occasionally, he still prevails on top. She soon goes to bed, although wakes up to find Bobby still in her house. She helps him with his homework and the two discuss more food until Bobby returns home.

She appears again in episode 15, this time visiting the Duggart house. Harold invites her inside and although the two argue at first, they end on a friendly discussion about dressers. She leaves soon after this. 

She visits the Duggarts again in episode 17 to converse with Bobby, not caring that a fire was currently occurring elsewhere in the house. Even though he accidentally insults her by calling her a muggle, she forgives him and spends the night at the house and doesn't make Steven or Harold food, even though they're going to die soon from inactivity. She then naps of Harold's bed, waking up once Bobby arrives back form school, goes to chat with him and the new maid. Emma leaves once the fire is extinguished.  

Emma walks over to the Duggart house in episode 19, wanting to check out their new pool. Bobby approaches her and tells her about his problems and eventually kisses him on the cheek. She meets Vladimir for the first time when he comes over and after he leaves, she then enters a chatroom that is supposedly connected to the entire world. She goes home a few minutes later.  

In episode 21, Al attempted to invite her over to his house for Bobby's birthday party. The game wasn't recognizing her as a character, however, which lead Al to believe that she had died. After checking her house, it was revealed she was still alive, just not home. She comes home several hours later and meets Steven so that he can invite her to Bobby's birthday party. Steven goes home after a few minutes. Later in the episode, she is officially invited over to Bobby's birthday party. She participates in party activities and, like the other guests, leaves before Bobby blows out the candles.  

She visits the Duggart house in episode 23 and chats with Bobby and Steven while there. After the trio conclude their discussion, despite Al's warnings, Emma ventures upstairs into the second floor, an area Al calls "The Porn Dungeon". Despite Al's worry, she leaves the room unscathed and then goes home.  

In episode 25, she visits the Duggart house to chat with Bobby. She walks up the staircase to the second floor again and leaves immediately after seeing the "horrors" that remain up there.  

She walks over to the Duggart house in episode 27 to hang out, although all the members of the house were exhausted and sleeping due to the new babies. After staring at one of the doors for two hours, she goes home. In the following episode, Emma constantly called both Steven and Bobby so that she could visit their house and Al soon became annoyed with her. It is possible she only wants to come over to see the new babies and that is why she is so persistent.  

In episode 29, Emma visited Bobby and casually continued a conversation while he was using the toilet, even occasionally taking turns with it mid-conversation.  

In episode 33, Emma visits the Duggart house sad and with a broken heart. Bobby cheers her up; Al's exact words being "Put your happiness inside of her". After chatting with Bobby, she leaves.  

She calls Bobby in episode 37 and asks to come over, receiving a yes as a response. When she arrives, Bobby complains about his problems to her because he is depressed. She leaves after she gets tired of hearing him complain.  

Since episode 39, Emma has been denied or rejected when asking to visit the Duggart household. This is because Bobby has moved on with a more age-appropriate sim, Babs L'Amour.  

When Bobby ages into an adult in episode 45, however, Bobby invites Emma over and begins flirting with her. Although he's tempted to kiss her, Bobby decides to save his first kiss for Babs, although after he makes her angry, Emma comforts him. She then plays with the new baby, Mckinley, before leaving. She shows up again a little later and Bobby and her share their first kiss and then later woohoo. Afterwards, she goes home and thanks Bobby for the sex.  

Bachelor Bobby SeriesEdit

Emma visits Bobby at his new house in the first episode of the series. As expected, the two begin flirting again and finally make their relationship official, becoming girlfriend and boyfriend. She leaves a few minutes later. Throughout the first episode, she continually shows up at Bobby's house despite him being at work, much to the annoyance of Al. She and Bobby also come up with different pranks that Bobby can pull on his co-workers, such as releasing a llama or making the invisible ink visible.

In the second episode, after going on a date with Bobby, she ages up into an elder right in front of his house.


  • The sim of Emma Watson was created by vsebesit using the Sims 4 Create-A-Sim demo.
  • Al wants Bobby to eventually marry Emma, as they both have an interest in cupcakes.
  • She has the Bookworm trait.
  • She is the first "real life" character to appear in Al's Sims 4 playthrough. The second is Vladimir Putin
  • Al wants her to join the Duggart household simply for the fact that she actually cleans up dishes, something no one else does.  

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