Elisa Carroll is a pre-made sim in the game The Sims 3. She is an adult sim and is the hired helper of The Animal House during Al's Animal House playthrough of the game. She is an antagonist and is considered a villain towards the animals in the house. Even though she lives with the animals, she is not playable and is only at the house to make sure it remains tidy.


Elisa appears in the first episode of the series, being hired by Al to take care of the house and the animals. Although she seems normal at first, it soon becomes clear that she does not care for the animals and would rather clean the house than feed the pets. When she does provide animal food, it is usually only placed in one bowl in the corner. She enjoys reading and sitting down in blue chairs most of the time, one of the reasons she neglects to take care of the mammals.

Fed up with their treatment, the animals banded together to chase and assault Elisa in episode 3. Although they were reprimanded, they managed to chase her outside and refused to give Ferris a neck rub. She soon came around and brushed his coat. She later thought she was doing a great job after filling up one small food bowl.


  • She's possibly a schizophrenic.
  • She has menioned several times that blue chairs are the only ones that she is allowed in sit in, despite this she sits in most chairs in the house anyway. 
  • She frequently forgets how to walk and sit down.
  • She forgets that animals need to eat as well, which explains why she rarely ever puts food in their bowls.
  • Although she is not meant to be an antagonist, her actions towards the animals and how she acts in the house are harmful to the animals and make her villainous.
  • She has her own bedroom at the house, although it is now covered in piss thanks to Spark.
  • Al hates her, as she does not do her job like most maids he hires.

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