"And I'll shoot that motherfucker if he comes back here! Who's that?! I don't..."
―Drone's last words

Drone is a player in DayZ that is a fan of Al and becomes his faithful companion in the game, embarking on many a perilous adventure alongside him.

Background Edit

During Al's soda selling spree throughout Chernarus, Al comes to a small house alongside a desolate road near a forest. Following an abrupt encounter with an anonymous vagabond and a man trying to punch Al after being offered soda, ultimately resulting in him being shot and killed, a voice is heard coming from the thick forest a few yards away, "Is he dead?". Al called to the disembodied voice, and behold; a shadowy figure strode forth, an Al offered unto it a soda, and as it drew nearer it identified itself as "Drone". Shenanigans ensue as Al recalls the events that just took place, and Drone recognizes this soda-peddling gentleman to be none other than infamous modding king himself, AlChestBreach. The three of them laugh together and enjoy and a coupla' sodie pops as they prepare for the long road ahead.

Throughout their adventures they encounter all manner of undead foes, and camp out in various locations, including the incompleted abandoned factory in Malinovka and a baby Jesus church. The high point of all their escapades, one might argue, would be the pants-mugging that occured outside the Orlovets manufacturing plant, during which, Drone flew into a fit of rage towards the de-pantsing victim, who claimed to have dropped his pants, although they were nowhere to be found. Upon further interrogation, Drone quickly determined that this man was a wizard, the same variety of which that murdered his family when he was a child. Al attempts to calm him with soda, to no avail, as the pulls out a sniper rifle and gutshots him, killing the man instantly. After a heated dispute, the two retreat from the Orlovets manufacturing plant, Drone shortly thereafter realising that he saw a figure in the distance from where they just were. The two return to the scene of the crime, agreeing to act as though they had no idea what happened, even going as far as accusing him. The dirty shoe-scavenger identifies himself as Jeff, promptly swiping a nice pair of sneakers from the wizard's corpse. Alas, around the porch from the building nearby emerges a man wearing a yellow shirt, who quickly throws his hands in the air after being detected. Al asks him if he by any chance happened to be the man on the ground outside the factory, the man emphatically responding "Yes, that was me, actually!", a panicked Drone quickly pulling out a magnum and blasting him in the head, much to the chagrin of Al, and the joy of a shoe-pilfering Jeff.

Later, as the three discuss the dilemma of entering the server preceeding Al's Twitter notice, Al hears a rustling coming from behind the concrete wall they're standing near. Al rounds the corner, only to find another yellow-shirted man peeking round the corner on his hands and knees, fleeing as Al called out. The three chase after him, Drone quickly identifying him as the wizard, and Al, trying to disarm the situation, asking the man if he is the wizard, the man, cowering next to the train tracks, responding with "I'm only half wizard this time.", Al crying "Why would you come back here?!" as the man was shot dead once again, Jeff quickly setting to work on his inventory.

It wasn't long after that the company came face to face with a malevolent clan of bandits, Drone being the first to go down, Al ducked behind a wall, attempting to take them out head on, Jeff retreating to the back of the factory to flank them. Al stealthily patrolled the area, accidentally stepping onto one of the bandits, who was laying ont he ground. As Al fumblied to get his machine gun out, the bandit whipped around, gunning Al down in two point blank hits from a rifle, Al's spray-n-pray method managing to atleast wound the bandit in the process.

In episode 6, Following Drone's demise, Al managed to regroup with Jeff, who claimed he was ambushed behind the building. The two organize a small army of rough-and-tumble mercs to take back the fortress and avenge his friend, trekking far and wide until they reached a hilltop adjacent from the fortress, several of them hiding behind large shrubs as the rest watched on as Jeff charged forth into the horizon to scope it out. Al had a flashback to the time he remarked that it would be rather funny if they were all shot down immediately. This vision soon became realised as Jeff's figure dropped swiftly below the horizon. Al gasped as the soldier beside him suddenly dropped dead. Al had his men ready into their positions. Alas, they began dropping like flies, the survivors ducking down. Al made a daring charge to the nearby bush, dropping to the ground, where he was shot blindly by a sniper shortly after.


  • Drone's signature weapon is a Mosin 9130 bolt action rifle.
  • In real life, Drone is actually a fan of Al and recognized his voice when they first met.
  • Drone was killed in TuesDayZ - Part 5 - The Attack! by a machine gun-wielding bandit.
  • There is a mod for Fallout New Vegas that adds Drone as an NPC which can be downloaded here.
  • Drone has apparently also met (In DayZ) other famous Youtubers.