Drilldo is a robot with a drill and a baton for hands that Al created Stream - Fallout 4 - Drilldo! Sexy Legs!. Drilldo is equipped with a drill on one arm, a baton on the other, and long, sexy robot legs. He also carries around a fanny pack and serves as a temporary companion for Al.


Drilldo is first created at the Robot Workbench for the Automatron Fallout 4 Add-On. Upon his creation, he immediately begins following Al and drilling enemies from behind. They head around Boston, destroying all of the rouge robots in sight and doing random fetch quests for people.

Eventually, Al created a small robot army to accompany him and Drilldo, with Drilldo being in charge of the small robots consisting of three Lieutenant Gutsies and Clamps.

Appearances Edit

He later appears as a cameo in Stream - Fallout 4 - Gorilla Goofin! where he walks past Al while he was creating a "death chamber" for Mama Murphy. He was seen sparking and emitting smoke for some reason.

Automatron Build Edit

  • Special Mods
    • No Special Mods
  • Head
    • Protectron Head
      • Head Factory Armor
  • Torso
    • Protectron Torso
      • Front Factory Armor
      • Rear Factory Armor
      • Radiation Coils
  • Left Arm
    • Protectron Left Arm
      • Left Arm Factory Armor
      • Left Hand Baton
  • Right Arm
    • Protectron Right Arm
      • Right Arm Factory Armor
      • Right Hand Drill
  • Legs
    • Assaultron Legs
      • Mid Factory Storage Armor
      • Left Leg Factory Armor
      • Right Leg Factory Armor
  • Voice
    • Male Processed Voice
  • Paint
    • Dark Blue Paint


  1. Protectron Head requires Automatron - Weapons System Overhaul.


  • As Drilldo appeared in a livestream, fans were able to name Drilldo. Even though there were some other good names, other than Fisto, such as:
    • Captain My Captain
    • Where's Wally?
    • A Penis
    • Plush Ballarms
    • Jesus Fisto
    • Uncle Rapefist
    • German Ballarms
    • Drill My Ass Dad
    • Drilldo (final choice)
    • Mister Fister
    • Fist Daddy
    • Batman
    • Drilldo the Fisto
    • Jesus Hates Me: The Robot
    • Drilldo Baggins
  • Drilldo is incredibly strong, as he has very high HP and deals a lot of damage in return.
  • Al refers to his Mid Factory Storage Armor as a fanny pack.
  • During the stream, Drilldo was frequently called "Daddy Drilldo".
  • His original name is "Automatron-889".