Doug Tanden as an adult.


Doug Tanden talking to Steven about the how many cheesesteaks he eats.

Doug Tanden is a pre-made sim from the game The Sims 3 and a major antagonist in Al's playthrough of the game. He is a child in the game and Bobby Duggart's archenemy. He lives with his father Mikel and owned a small dog named Pudge Farks and three horses; the reason his house is commonly called "The Horse House " or "The Horse People" by Al. He was one of the main antagonists in the series starting in episode 32. He was shot "dead" during the raid on his home in episode 60.


Doug Tanden first met the Duggart family at the art museum in episode 31 while Steven and Zelda were out on a date. Steven introduced himself to the kid and talked to him about food. A short time later in episode 32, Bobby went to visit the house because he wanted to see the horses. While there, he met Doug's father and Doug himself.                                                   

While Bobby was at the house, Doug attempted to make conversation with him by talking about his dreams. Bobby however, didn't care, thus resulting in their hatred of each other. This caused Bobby to declare him a nemesis. Doug kicked him out of the house shortly after almost setting it on fire.

Bobby visited Doug's house again in episode 35 to try and burn it down for a second time, although Doug called his behavior inappropriate and kicked him out again. Bobby spent time watching Doug through the windows of his house instead of leaving and eventually got chased off by the horses of the house who were trying to attack him and pissing everywhere. 

Bobby revisits the house in episode 43 in hopes of once again burning it down to ruin Doug's life. He begins preparing food and trying to place it on the stove, much to the displeasure of Doug and his family. His attempts are futile however, as Mikel and Doug catch Bobby about seven times and kick him out every single time. 

In Episode 51, in another attempt at destroying Doug and his family, Bobby visits their household and places Detonators on the Refrigerator and the Toilet, violently blowing both objects up. Doug is mortified and kicks Bobby out once again, furthering his hatred for the young ghost-buster.

Bobby sees Doug at the bookstore in episode 58 while he attempts to flirt with a romantic interest of his, Sandi French. Doug spots Bobby as well and complains about him as he sits down next to a park bench to do his homework.

In episode 60, Doug's 28-episode reign of terror came to an end when Al attempted to blow up the entire house with an explosive bullet, but instead only shot Doug and one of his horses. Despite being killed from a bullet wound, it said he "died of hunger" like with Mara Cavender, the Duggarts' maid.

Although confirmed dead, he appears at Robbie's birthday party in episode 107 as a teenager. It would seem that Bobby's time-traveling shenanigans resulted in Doug regaining life. Al did not notice his appearance, as he was busy focusing on the death of Debbie Camacho. In the same episode, Bobby wished to teach him how to drive, something which Al agreed to. 

In episode 119, he is invited out to the pool by Bobby and brings along one of his horses, although it isn't one from the Horse House. It is revealed that he has the traits Genius, Computer Whiz, and Bookworm. A few moments later, Doug begins learning how to drive, courtesy of Bobby and puts the entire town in danger. He then revealed he had a terrible time hanging out and that being around Bobby brings him displeasure.

He receives an invitation to Robbie's party in episode 128 and is seen at the party. Once the fire occurs however, he is no longer seen, implicating that he may have escaped from the house. It is unknown how he feels about the death of his former archenemy.

He was invited to another birthday party at the Duggart house in episode 131. He stayed around to watch Robbie blow out the birthday candles before leaving and saying he had a good time.

In episode 137, he appears in front of the salon, interrupting the date of his horses, Stingle and Cartridge. He later tried to ride Stingle while facing the wrong direction and reads a book soon after.

He is invited to Robbie's birthday party in episode 142, revealing that he had aged into an elder sim. He witnesses the death of a random sim before leaving the party early, likely to escape the same fate.

In episode 144, it was revealed through a message that Doug has died of old age. The message was ignored, however, as Al was distracted by the fire that engulfed the basement-basement.

R.I.P Doug Tanden

Episodes 32-144

Doug Shot

Doug about to be shot by Al. (His death is not seen as he dies behind walls)


  • If observed carefully, a glitch occurs when Doug dies turning him into a adult. This is likely because the game does not allow children to die. 
  • Him and his father love arguing about different colors. 
  • Bobby has tried to burn down his family's house a numerous amount of times, although all attempts have been stopped because he's been kicked out. 
  • He eats four cheese-steaks every morning. 
  • Because the house only has one queen sized bed and it's occupied by Pudge and his father, Doug is forced to sleep on the sofa in the living room.
  • Bobby and Doug have always argued when trying to talk with one another. 
  • Doug seems to hate his dog, as shown in Episode 32 when he tries to wave away the animal to go someplace else. 
  • The three horses that Doug owns, Cartridge, Coddle, Stingle, all seem to have a large amount of intelligence and smarts; even possessing the ability to speak fluently to humans. The horses also all seem to share a dislike of Bobby, as they've tried to bite him several times. Doug doesn't seem to know they are of an advanced species, but he doesn't really pay attention to them anyway. 
  • It's quite possible Al hates him because of his resemblance to Ronald Dillinger. They're both children, red-headed, are annoying, and have similar annoying voices.
  • Doug may be frequently kicked or locked out of the house, because he shouted at Bobby in episode 35 that he had been stuck outside for several days now. 
  • He really enjoys playing The Sims 3, although he has no computer or game device to play on.
  • Doug's dog, Pudge, frequently visits the Duggart household and plays with them. Doug is unaware of this, but because of their rivalry, the Duggart's can't properly visit Pudge without meeting with Doug.
  • He was the longest living antagonist in the series yet, surviving a total of 29 episodes, and is still technically alive today. 
  • Despite being a main antagonist in previous episodes, upon his return, he does not seem to have reclaimed his role as a villain, although this may change soon as he is seen further. 
  • In episode 118, Doug sent Bobby a love note.

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