Doc Mitchell

Mitchell was born in Vault 21, where he was known by the nickname "Mole Butt" by the younger residents. He left at some point after it was opened, becoming a traveling doctor to help the people of the wasteland. As Mitchell got older, he returned to New Vegas and married his childhood sweetheart. Some time afterward, he retired to Goodsprings, serving as the town doctor.

His wife, and childhood sweet-heart, died at some point. But he doesn't dwell on the past. If you have visited Vault 21 in New Vegas, and come back to see Doc Mitchell, he will explain that he was going to California with his wife. Due to the weak immune system she had from living in a vault her whole life, she passed away in Goodsprings, causing Doc Mitchell to settle down there so that he could always remain close to her.

Doc Mitchell and AlChestBreachEdit

Doc Mitchell revived Al in the begining of Fallout: New Vegas. Al now uses his house to store all of his mods and other items which Doc Mitchell is not happy about. Doc Mitchell is seen very happy while in the presence of Al Chestbreach most of the time. In the montage "The Return of Jerry McGhoulBerry" he snaps and steals Jerry McGhoulberry's remains, as revenge for Al putting all his items/mods in his house. When Al confronted Doc Mitchell, Al tried to kill him. However, Doc Mitchell was so powerful that he was able to force Al and his crew to flee from the house and fight them outside. Al and his crew summoned the Megazord (which ended up being Liberty Prime) to battle Doc Mitchell, but Doc Mitchell used his brand new special milk "Doc's new Special Milk" to grow to the same size as the Megazord. After a fierce battle, Doc Mitchell was defeated, exploding and leaving a huge mushroom cloud. Apparently, no one cared about the epic battle that had taken place within Goodsprings.


  • Doc Mitchell invented "Doc's Special Milk."
  • Doc Mitchell's dick fell off years ago.
  • His vault nickname was "Mole Butt."
  • Doc Mitchell later re-appeared in Fallout New Vegas Mods: "Dalls Lodger-Part 1"  , and was presumably killed when Al blew up the whore house.
  • Doc Mitchell hates Goo-Goo bars because of the diabetes they cause, making his job as a doctor more difficult.
  • It is rumored at one point that Doc Mitchell was once a good friend of Al's parents.
  • Doc Mitchell reappeared alive and well in New Vegas Spooktacular - Bucket Hunt, with no explanation as to how he came back from the dead.
  • Doc Mitchell recently appeared in New Vegas: Bug Hunt, fighting off a Xenomorph that had gotten into his house. Al humorously notes that Mitchell is supposed to be dead.
  • Doc Mitchell most recently appeared in New Vegas Mods: The Vietnam War! He's seen as Al's motherlike figure before heading to Nam.