Dick Steel fictional resouce in the Alchestbreach universe and is first mentioned in Enclave Commander Marine Edition and is occasionally used by some fans to describe something that is hard to kill or destroy, and occasionally- Bad collision meshes.


Dick Steel according to Al is the strongest of all steels (Or at least the strongest type of steel you can put on ones head) and is most likely used to make armor and buildings and other fortifications. It also looks like a normal combat helmet or can be craften to look like Elite Riot Armor. And if what Al says is true its possible it is very heavy and can only be worn by people in power armor, or significantly strong humans or humanoids. It also seems bullets bounce off Dick Steel though it is unknown if energy weapons or explosives will have a similiar effect.
Dick Steel

Bullets ricocheting off a Dick Steel helmet

 Despite being a strong steel the user can still be damaged if shot meaning it could be dented easily and harm the users head resulting in a conusion, or other types of head trauma.

Factions/People Known To Use Dick SteelEdit

  • Risen (Town)
  • Dunbar/Father (From open waters)
  • Random Rocks, Cars, Fences, and other clutter that has "invisible" Dick Steel surrounding it. Or it could just be bad collision meshes, who knows?

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