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Devil Breach

Original Mod






First Appearance

Fallout 3 Stream - Baby Troubles!


Robert (Ex-wife)
Goofygoober (Son)






Devil Breach is an alternate persona of Al, but unlike Al he has sickly pale skin, black demonic eyes, and a black Pip-Boy. He is similar to Al in that he is a bit reckless with his actions and tends to have a short temper when things don't go his way. He appears in Fallout 3 Stream - Baby Troubles!

Appearance Edit

Devil Breach is similar to his counterpart except that he is much more pale, has black demonic eyes, and his hair is dark brown instead of a ginger-red.

Personality Edit

Devil Breach is very short-tempered and violent, like Al only more so. He has a son named Goofygoober whom he has a bi-polar relationship with. At times Devil Breach seems to genuinely care about his infant son and others he wants to drop him off of a ferris wheel or launch him up into space. He was once married to a smuggler named "Robert", whom he divorced and literally left as a smaller person.

Trivia Edit

  • Devil Breach has been tossing babies off of ferris wheels since 1912.

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