Debbie Camacho is a vampire and a sim created by Al in the game The Sims 3. She is a minor character in Al's playthrough and is Stindy Motley's mother and GooBorp Motley's wife.


Debbie first appears in episode 76, as she comes home from work and passes by Bobby talking to her daughter Stindy. She ignores them and steps inside the house.

In episode 85, she asks Bobby out on a date, despite not knowing him well or even at all. Bobby agrees and meets her at the Police Station for the date. The two talked for a while as opposed to flirting; as Al refused to have Bobby break up GooBorp and Debbie. Without officially ending the date, Debbie walked off and went home, as she began burning from being in the sun too long. She left the date with Bobby nearly on fire and hungry.

In episode 106, she called Bobby to another date, only to cancel as soon as Bobby got in his car. Enraged, Bobby drove to her house and blew up her refrigerator and armchair. Debbie confronted him about this, but Bobby managed to talk his way out of trouble. After Bobby left, she taunted and refused to feed her dog, Tompo. She was then invited to Robbie's birthday party, where she spontaneously died of thirst, traumatizing the other guests. 

In episode 137 however, she is seen in the backround, alive and well, swimming at the beach with her family. The reasons for her not being dead is unknown, although a time paradox could be an explanation.


  • Bobby stared at her ass as she left their date.
  • After the date, Bobby read up on why she was burning in the sun, as he didn't properly understand vampires.
  • Her death was caused by Bobby blowing up her refrigerator, as she no longer had a source of blood, seeing as she is a vampire.
  • She is the second vampire revealed in the series. The first is Sandi French and the third is Ludo Vicco.

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