First Appearance

Cat Tales - Darlene


AlChestBreach (Owner)
Harvey (Sister)





Darlene is one of Al's two adult cats. She and Harvey get along well although they occasionally fight. She has shown a somewhat aggressive temperament, and rolls around in grass and acts cute in Cat Tales.

Origin Edit

She first appears in the intros of Cat Tales 1 - 7 but made her official debut in Cat Tales - Darlene. Al takes Harvey outside but Darlene spots her and fights briefly, then acts cute and rolls around on the ground.

Appearances Edit

In Cat Tales - The Friendship Song Al tries to conduct the Friendship Song with Darlene and Harvey but fails as both either refuse to sing or are singing it wrong.

She appears in Cat Clip - Darlene Serenade where Al sings a song to get her upstairs.

In Cat Tales - Bean Bag Cats Darlene and Harvey sit outside in a way that makes them both look like a couch and a bean bag for Martian spaceships, respectively.

After a few episodes featuring Butch, Lil Mama and the Kittens, Darlene and Harvey reappear in Cat Tales - Goofy Cupcakes. Al offers "goofy cupcakes" to Harvey, but he refuses while Darlene (in an E-collar) licks icing off one.

In Cat tales - Lickity Lick, Harvey and Darlene (now without the E-collar), are sitting on the lawn while Al is in his "Grass Fortress". Darlene stares at Al while Harvey just licks herself.

In Cat Tales - Friendship 2.0, Harvey goes outside but begins a fight with Darlene on the way. After a while they both play with a piece of string on the lawn.

In Cat Tales - Hoth, Al pilots a tiny Snowspeeder and attempts to shoot Darlene and Harvey, but was then shot down by Darlene's eye lasers.

In Cat Tales - Cup of Food!, Al feeds Darlene by scooping cat food into a cup and pouring it into her bowl. He then berates Harvey for his inability to get cups.

In Cat Tales - King of The Castle, Darlene sits on the lawn and Al dubs her "King of the Bushes", despite her gender.

In Cat Tales - Friendship Troubles, Al tries to get her to be friends with Butch and Lil Mama, but instead finds out she's been extorting money from them after Butch has a brief fight with Darlene.

In Cat Tales - On The Case! - Cat Cop! She is revealed to have stolen a shipment of kitty litter and hid it in a boat.

Trivia Edit

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