Dan Enrique is the main antagonist in A Very Corgi Thanksgiving. His goal is to capture, kill, and eat the Corgis.


Dan managed to track the Corgis down to Goodsprings, but was unable to find them there.  He interrogated Easy Pete on their whereabouts, but the senile man's lack of cooperation eventually drove Dan to shoot him and storm off. The Corgis arrived in time for Pete to die, nonsensical ramblings about change on his lips. 

Dan was likely involved in the later deaths of the Corgis, but this is ultimately inconclusive.


  • Dan is never seen to actually kill a Corgi himself, making it unclear whether or not he actually accomplished anything at all.
  • Dan's first and last appearance was in A Very Corgi Thanksgiving.
  • Dan Enrique has two first names.
  • Al was so disinterested in this character by the end of the Thanksgiving special that he was unsure about his name.